Commercial frozen yogurt machine / yogurt maker

The frozen yogurt machine is a device that provides a constant temperature(35-45 degree centigrade) for milk fermentation. Under this environment, probiotics multiply in the amazing speed, and the lactose in milk is converted into lactic acid, and then fermented into yogurt.  Adopting to pasteurization and electric heating, the yoghurt produced by this yogurt maker is solidified, besides, it is rich in milk flavor and adjustable in taste. It can be divided into single door yogurt machine and double door yogurt machine.

It also can mix with jam, honey, lemon, fruit juice, etc, and it is safe, hygienic, green and healthy with excellent taste. Taizy frozen yogurt machine is widely used in yogurt shops, tea restaurants, cake shops, coffee shops, bakeries, western food shops, beverage shops, supermarkets, frozen food factories, etc.

Double-door yogurt maker

The Technical parameter of double-door yogurt maker

Heating power2kw
Cooling power0.3kw
Fermentation temperature0-60℃
Refrigeration temperature0-8℃

Single-door yogurt maker

The Technical parameter of single-door yogurt maker

Heating power1kw
Cooling power0.23kw
Fermentation temperature0-60℃
Refrigeration temperature0-8℃

Technical parameter of temperature

Model Double-door frozen yogurt machine Single-door frozen yogurt machine 
Fermentation temperature43-47℃
Fermentation temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Fermentation temperature uniformity±1.5℃
Refrigeration temperature4.5℃
Refrigeration temperature fluctuation±1.5℃
Voltage 220v 50HZ
Ambient temperature0-35℃
Volume 500L300L
Heating power 0.8kw0.4kw3
Model Double-door frozen yogurt machine Single-door frozen yogurt machine 
Fermentation temperature 43-47℃
Fermentation temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Fermentation temperature uniformity ±1.5℃
Refrigeration temperature 4.5℃
Refrigeration temperature fluctuation ±1.5℃
Voltage 220v 50HZ
Ambient temperature 0-35℃
Volume  500L
Heating power 0.8kw

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