Company Profile

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd is a top-leading yogurt processing machine manufacturer in China, and we integrate production, design, installation and assembly as a whole, providing best service with our customers. The yogurt machines we produce bear excellent working efficiency, and we can customize the capacity you want in the accordance with your demand.

Authorized Certificates

Taizy yogurt processing machines have sold many countries, receiving good feedback from customers. The long-term exchanges and cooperation with overseas countries make Taizy yogurt keep pace with the times, winning wide international markets.

Our Products

yogurt packaging styles

What are the yogurt packaging styles?

There are many yogurt packaging styles on the market, and yogurt packaging machine manufacturers introduce several yogurt packaging styles ...
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yogurt cup filling and sealing machine

What is the yogurt cup filling and sealing machine price?

The yogurt packaging machine is easy to operate, accurate in filling, and large in filling volume. So what is the ...
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Rotary yogurt filling machine export to Pakistan

Yogurt filling machine exported to Pakistan

The yogurt filling machine has accurate filling and fast filling speed, which is widely welcomed by customers. Recently, we exported ...
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what is Greek yogurt manufacturing process

What is the Greek yogurt manufacturing process?

Greek yogurt is thicker and has a stronger flavor. It has a strong feeling of fullness. So, what is the ...
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200L kenya yogurt production line

Commercial yogurt making machine installed in Kenya

Kenya's dairy industry is well developed. Recently,we exported a 200L yogurt making machine to Kenya. Here are the export case ...
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What’s the application of pasteurizer?

What’s the application of pasteurizer?

In the dairy processing line, the pasteurizer is one of the equipment for us to get fresh yogurt. Is pasteurizer ...
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Our Service

Personal customization. The capacity of Taizy yogurt processing machines ranges from 200L-5T, and we will customize proper lines for you according to your requirement.

Professional training. Never worry about how to install and use machine, we absolutely arrange our technicians to help you.

Profitability analysis. How to make money? When can you earn back the money you invest? We will make a perfect plan on the basis of local market