Company Profile

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Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd is a top-leading yogurt processing machine manufacturer in China, and we integrate production, design, installation and assembly as a whole, providing best service with our customers. The yogurt machines we produce bear excellent working efficiency, and we can customize the capacity you want in the accordance with your demand.

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Authorized Certificates

Taizy yogurt processing machines have sold many countries, receiving good feedback from customers. The long-term exchanges and cooperation with overseas countries make Taizy yogurt keep pace with the times, winning wide international markets.

Our Products

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Yogurt production line

Effect of different sterilization methods on milk beverages

Many consumers who buy milk only focus on the date of consumption, but in fact, the way the drink is ...
Should drink more yogurt

Who should drink more yogurt

Yogurt is made from fresh milk through a lactic acid bacteria fermentation machine. The yogurt has a delicate taste and ...
All kinds of yogurt

What kind of yogurt is best to buy?

There are many types of yogurt in the supermarket. You may be confused when choosing yogurt. What kind of yogurt ...
Not be eaten with yogurt

What should not be eaten with yogurt?

Yogurt is a very good drink. It is considered by many to be a versatile food, but in fact, eating ...
Yogurt making

Yogurt making machine in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical country, so the variety and quality of the fruits are very good. For bananas, there ...
Yogurt production line

Export Yogurt Production Line to Pakistan

We export to Pakistan’s yogurt production line. The yogurt production line we export to Pakistan is 1000kg/h. The output is ...

Our Service

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Personal customization. The capacity of Taizy yogurt processing machines ranges from 200L-5T, and we will customize proper lines for you according to your requirement.


Professional training. Never worry about how to install and use machine, we absolutely arrange our technicians to help you.


Profitability analysis. How to make money? When can you earn back the money you invest? We will make a perfect plan on the basis of local market