Should drink more yogurt

Who should drink more yogurt

Yogurt is made from fresh milk through a lactic acid bacteria fermentation machine. The yogurt has a delicate taste and contains rich nutrients. It also has the function of promoting digestion and protecting the intestines and is also suitable for a wide range of people. Yogurt is called “a unique nutrition Taste”. Many people should drink more yogurt, and many people should drink less.

All kinds of yogurt

What kind of yogurt is best to buy?

There are many types of yogurt in the supermarket. You may be confused when choosing yogurt. What kind of yogurt is best to buy? Not only need to use price judgments, but also need to be considered from a more professional perspective.There are some scientific researches on the combination of yogurt and what food.

Not be eaten with yogurt

What should not be eaten with yogurt?

Yogurt is a very good drink. It is considered by many to be a versatile food, but in fact, eating some foods with yogurt will not only not double the nutrition, but may cause illness. What foods cannot be eaten with yogurt?

Yogurt making

Yogurt making machine in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical country, so the variety and quality of the fruits are very good. For bananas, there are more than 20 kinds of bananas in Sri Lanka. Here you can see bananas of different colors, including yellow-skinned bananas, green-skinned bananas, and red-skinned bananas. There are also some bananas with unique shapes. The length of someone’s arm is as long as the roots. One is full. In addition, Sri Lanka also has a lot of kiwis and exotic fruits, which are colorful and taste very good. As the best partner of yogurt, fruits have also promoted the development of the yogurt-making industry.

Yogurt production line

Export Yogurt Production Line to Pakistan

We export to Pakistan’s yogurt production line. The yogurt production line we export to Pakistan is 1000kg/h. The output is relatively large. We also have other production lines, such as 200-500ml. The equipment of the yogurt production line is relatively complete, from production to filling. Installed, there are corresponding machines.

Yogurt production line 1

300ml Yogurt Production Line Shipped to Kenya

Our company mainly exports 200-500ml small yogurt production lines. Through long-term accumulation, we have exported to Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, and other places, and have been well received by customers. We have just exported a 300ml yogurt production line to Kenya.

Yogurt production

Can raisins be added to yogurt production?

Yogurt is rich in nutrients, but some businesses still want to add some raisins or some nuts in the production process. Then, can these nuts and dried fruits be added to the production process of yogurt? When to join?