Yogurt making machine in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a tropical country, so the variety and quality of the fruits are very good. For bananas, there are more than 20 kinds of bananas in Sri Lanka. Here you can see bananas of different colors, including yellow-skinned bananas, green-skinned bananas, and red-skinned bananas. There are also some bananas with unique shapes. The length of someone’s arm is as long as the roots. One is full. In addition, Sri Lanka also has a lot of kiwis and exotic fruits, which are colorful and taste very good. As the best partner of yogurt, fruits have also promoted the development of the yogurt-making industry.

The habit of eating yogurt in Sri Lanka

This season, the weather is relatively hot. In addition to drinking water, it is drinking yogurt. In hot weather, drinking yogurt can help promote digestion and absorption and increase appetite. Therefore, most Sri Lankans also like to drink yogurt for breakfast. Sri Lanka’s yogurt is very strong. It’s just an ordinary yogurt, but it’s a bit more acidic than ordinary yogurt. The way to eat Lanka is to add papaya to it and mix it with yogurt. The locals like it very much. I also add a tablespoon of honey and mix it well before drinking. There is also a strong way to eat it, that is, adding a local coconut wine to the yogurt, which has a high degree, a strong coconut flavor, and a rich flavor.

Suitable for the development of the yogurt industry

Yogurt processing  equipment
Yogurt Processing Equipment

From the perspective of local customs and ordinary eating habits, Sri Lanka is very suitable for the development of the yogurt industry, and from the perspective of processing procedures, the processing of yogurt is not complicated, and it is easy to develop a yogurt processing factory.

Industrial equipment needed for yogurt processing

The yogurt processing process has many specific processes. At the same time, yogurt processing machines are needed to produce yogurt. The yogurt processing process generally includes preheating tanks, homogenizers, sterilizers, filling machines, and yogurt fermentation machines.

Production techniques of the yogurt production process

In the process of processing yogurt, preheating is first required. Generally, it needs to be preheated to 50°C. During the fermentation of yogurt, it needs to be kept at 43°C for 8 hours. In addition, after the yogurt is produced, it is best to place it in a cold room. The temperature can be 5-18°C. The temperature control in the yogurt production process is very important, especially in the fermentation process, to keep the temperature constant.

Precautions for processing yogurt making in Sri Lanka

It is worth noting that Sri Lanka, as a tropical country, has high temperatures throughout the year, and the lowest temperature in a year has reached 18°C. It is more necessary to keep the temperature constant. The yogurt fermentation machine is just such a function. It can keep the yogurt at a constant temperature to ensure good fermentation of the yogurt.