Plate sterilizer

Plate Sterilizer|Milk Sterilizer Machine

The plate-type sterilizer is a kind of equipment that can sterilize yogurt. It is widely used at present. It uses steam without contact exchange to make the yogurt reach the sterilization temperature in a short time. This unique sterilization method is suitable for yogurt. Sterilization of milk, juice, and other fluids

Cow and goat milking machine

Milking machine for goat and cow

The milking machine uses the suction effect produced by the vacuum device in order to simulate the milking action of cattle and sheep, finally sucking out the milk of them. Cow …

Yogurt making machine

1t-5t tube-type yogurt making machine

Tube-type yogurt making machine is mainly used to make high-yield yogurt. Thanks to a high-temperature sterilizer, yogurt sterilization can be completed in a few seconds, which greatly improves working efficiency, but it can still retain its nutrition of milk. The most significant feature of this yogurt production line is that the sterilization is continuous in a completely closed system. Besides, such a sterilization system has little effect on the flavor and nutritional content of the final yogurt, preventing the secondary pollution of milk.