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Yogurt Filling machine / liquid packing machine

Yogurt filling machine, also known as liquid filling machine, is specially designed not only to pack yogurt, but all kinds of sauces such as ketchup, pepper sauce, high-concentration and pulp or granular beverage as well as pure liquids including cold or hot liquids. The liquid packing machine runs smoothly with accurate filling, and all parts are precisely matched. Besides, 304 stainless steel material makes it durable. Equipped with raw material mixing system, frequency conversion, and speed regulation, it is important equipment for related industries. Importantly, all processes are fully automatic, saving time and effort.


What is the role of yogurt packing machine?

Yogurt filling and sealing is very important, and it is an crual process that directly affects the quality and expiration date of yogurt. Packing can prevent the invasion of microorganisms, gas or water vapor, effectively avoiding the outflow of yogurt. What’s more, such a process also is able to maintain the yogurt’s own odor and mouthfeel.

The way of filling can be heat sealing, ultrasonic or film etc. When sealing, you shall pay attention that the pressure should be evenly distributed on the sealing surface. The sealing process conditions such as sealing temperature, time, and pressure must have safety margins with controllable features. The sealing surface should must be clean with accurate operation.

Type one: long yogurt filling machine

This yogurt filling machine is equiped with high capacity, and one hour can pack 2500-3000 yougurt cups per hour. There are 2 heating seals, finally, the yogurt cup slides out automatically. Four cups can be placed in one row.

liquid filling machine

The structure of yogurt packing machine

liquid packing machine consists of 5 parts that are frame part, aluminum plate part, transmission system, sealing system and cup-out system

1.Frame part: welded A3 box iron and 304 stainless steel

2. Aluminum plate part: double-row aluminum alloy with acid-resistant  mold,

3. Transmission system: motor, reducer.

4. Sealing system: It adopts hot sealing with constant temperature, and sealing pressure can be adjusted.

5. Cup discharging system: four cups are automatically discharged at one time.

yogurt filling machine

Technical parameter

Voltagethree-phase four-wire 380V / 50HZ (can be customized)
Motor power1.5KW
Heating power4KW
Temperature control range0-400 ℃ (convenient adjustment)
Pressure 0.8-1.25mpa
Packaging speed2500-3000 cups / hour
Weight 800㎏
Size 3000 * 750 * 1680mm
Packing typecup

Type two: disk type yogurt filling machine

Disk type yogurt filling machine can produce 700-900 yougurt cups per hour. The size of round plate and the size of cup mold are customizable

The heating mode of liquid packing machine combines gas and electricity, and the packing raw materials are PP, PE, PET etc. It is fit for filling and sealing of arbitrarily shaped cups. The seal is firm and reliable, without any leakage.

yogurt packing machine

Technical parameter

Power 1KW
Temperature control range0-400 ℃ (convenient adjustment)
Pressure 0.8-1.25mpa
Packaging speed700-900 cups / hour
Weight 500㎏
Size 1000*1000*1650mm
Packing typecup

The detailed parts of machine

yogurt inlet

round plate

Advantage of yogurt packing machine

1. Yogurt filling machine is made of 1.304 stainless steel with polished inner and outer surfaces.

2. The size of the liquid packing machine can be customized according to the capacity you need.

3. The shape of the cup can be customized as well, and it is various such as round cup, peach cup, panda cup, heart-to-heart cup, butterfly cup, etc.

4. All processes are automatic, that is, automatic cup dropping, automatic filling and automatic sealing.

5. The yogurt cup can be moved aside neatly.

6. The sealing material can be roll film or sheet film, and you can also customize the coding machine and ultraviolet sterilization machine

7. Wide application. Raw materials can be jams, various liquid drinks, jelly milk products, tofu, seasonings, hot pot materials, pickled foods etc.

8. Precise position. The yogurt packing machine can put the yogurt into the cup at a regular time and it will not leak on the surface of equipment.

9. The electric eye automatically tracks and corrects the sealing position.

10. It bears unique design, reasonable structure and stable performance.

11. With intelligent operation panel, it is easy to operate.

12. It meets the standard of high-temperature filling requirements.

liquid packing machine

5 sets disk type liquid filling machine delivery news

5 sets disk type yogurt packing machines were delivered to Nigeria last month. This customer raises many cows, and he also has big yogurt processing factory where he deals with crude milk by yogurt machine every day, so it important for him to buy several yogurt packing machines. He directly sells the packed yogurt cups to the market, thanks to the delicious taste and complete packaging, his yogurt is highly favored by people, which help him gain a lot of benefits.

liquid packing machine delivery site

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