What kind of yogurt is best to buy?

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There are many types of yogurt in the supermarket. You may be confused when choosing yogurt. What kind of yogurt is best to buy? Not only need to use price judgments, but also need to be considered from a more professional perspective.There are some scientific researches on the combination of yogurt and what food.

Choose the product of low temperature freezer

Many supermarkets engage in promotional activities and sell yogurt directly at room temperature. However, under such storage conditions, the activity of lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt will be reduced, and the bacteria that may exist in it will also grow, which will lead to the deterioration of the yogurt. When buying yogurt, be sure to feel the temperature with your hands. If you don’t feel the coldness, don’t buy it.

Supermarket yogurt
Supermarket Yogurt

Choose products with protein content ≥2.3%

Many products with the word yogurt on the market are only yogurt-flavored beverages and do not have the health-care value of yogurt. The real protein content of yogurt is usually between 2.3% and 2.8%. In addition, the high fat content of yogurt results in a strong sense of fullness. Therefore, for children, adolescents and young people, as long as there is no obesity, there is no need to worry about its fat content. Middle-aged and elderly people with high blood fat can choose low-fat yogurt. Unsweetened yogurt raises blood sugar very slowly, so people with diabetes can also eat yogurt, but they should choose sugar-free yogurt.

Yogurt ingredient list
Yogurt Ingredient List

Pure yogurt without flavor and coloring is preferred

Nowadays, yogurt has various flavors and colors. In addition to adding fruits or jams, a large part of the credit comes from flavors and pigments. Do not buy this type of yogurt for children, and healthy adults should drink as little as possible. It is not realistic to get fruit nutrition from fruit yogurt. It is better to take a few minutes to eat fresh fruit.

Buy probiotic yogurt with bacteria count

In terms of strains, yogurt is now mainly divided into probiotic yogurt and ordinary yogurt. In addition to the nutritional value of ordinary yogurt, the probiotic yogurt contains active lactic acid bacteria which is also beneficial to regulate the balance of human intestinal microbes. However, probiotics must reach a sufficient number of viable bacteria in order to play an adequate role in health care. From the research report, the number of probiotics must reach 106 or even 108 in order to have sufficient health care activity. Now, not all probiotic yogurt will indicate the number of probiotics, consumers should pay special attention when choosing.