What should not be eaten with yogurt?

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Yogurt is a very good drink. It is considered by many to be a versatile food, but in fact, eating some foods with yogurt will not only not double the nutrition, but may cause illness. What foods cannot be eaten with yogurt?

Banana should not be eaten with yogurt

Banana and yogurt
Banana And Yogurt

Banana and yogurt are considered to be perfect dietary partners, and they have a rich taste when mixed together. Frequent consumption of the two together can easily cause diarrhea. Banana and yogurt both promote digestion and absorption in the intestines, and eating together are more likely to cause diarrhea, and there is a risk of cancer.

Soy should not be eaten with yogurt

Beans and yogurt
Beans And Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in calcium, but there is a substance in soybeans that affects the digestion and absorption of calcium. Long-term consumption of the two together can cause calcium deficiency. It is recommended that you drink soy milk and eat yogurt at intervals after eating soybeans.

Drug should not be eaten with yogurt

Medicine and yogurt
Medicine And Yogurt

Many people like to drink yogurt as water, and even take medicine and drink with yogurt. This approach is dangerous. The environment of the human stomach is acidic. If you drink a lot of yogurts, it will increase acidity. The coating of the drug may be broken, which affects the efficacy. It is recommended that the interval between taking the medicine and drinking yogurt is more than two hours.

Sausage and yogurt

Sandwiches with ham and a cup of yogurt are breakfast. However, during the production of ham, the manufacturer will add nitrates to prevent food spoilage. When nitrates collide with the organic acids in yogurt, they will transform into nitrosamines, which is a favorite substance. Therefore, avoid drinking ham and yogurt together.

Sausage and yogurt
Sausage And Yogurt

In fact, some foods cannot cause adverse reactions as long as they are eaten together once, but long-term consumption is not good for health, so you may not pay attention to these details in your life.

When is the best time to drink yogurt?

To maximize the effect of calcium in yogurt, studies have shown that yogurt is best to drink at night. Late at night is the time when the human body has the lowest calcium content. Drinking yogurt at this time can supplement calcium.

Drinking yogurt in the afternoon is also very beneficial to health. It is okay for office workers. Drinking yogurt in the afternoon can relieve work pressure and a very nervous mood.

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