Yogurt filling machine exported to Pakistan

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The yogurt packaging machine is also called the yogurt filling machine. This machine is mainly used for filling yogurt into bottles or plastic cups. The yogurt filling machine widely applies for filling a variety of liquid foods. Therefore, yogurt filling machines are widely used in the food industry to fill liquid foods. Pakistan’s dairy goat industry is developing well. In recent years, many Pakistani customers have purchased yogurt processing equipment from us. At the beginning of this month, we exported a yogurt packaging machine to Pakistan.

Pakistan yogurt packaging machine order situation

At the end of April, a Pakistani customer found our website and asked us about the yogurt filling machine. Through the conversation, we learned that the client wanted to invest in a yogurt production business in Pakistan. He found two other investors to produce yogurt on the Pakistani market together. They have already purchased small yogurt production equipment, and he wants to find another supplier to buy professional yogurt packaging equipment.

We sent him detailed pictures, videos, and equipment parameters of the yogurt packaging machine. After repeated comparisons, the Pakistani customer finally bought a yogurt filling machine at the end of May.

Pictures of yogurt packaging machine deliver to Pakistan

Pakistan yogurt filling machine
Pakistan Yogurt Filling Machine

According to the customer’s production needs, we provided him with a rotary packaging machine with automatic cup dropping, filling, and sealing functions. The filling machine has a variety of functions, and its multiple stations can be customized according to customer needs. And the filling volume of the client’s cup is 300ml, this multifunctional rotary yogurt packaging machine can fully meet his needs.

Why do Pakistani customers buy a yogurt packaging machine?

Customer’s own needs

Because the Nigerian customer wants to start a yogurt production business, and he lacks yogurt filling equipment. So he needs to buy the machine.

Pakistan’s dairy industry is developing well


According to statistics, Pakistan’s dairy industry is huge. Pakistan’s dairy industry accounts for 11% of GDP. In addition, Pakistan is in an important position in China’s One Belt One Road. Many investors want to establish a dairy processing business in Pakistan. For the local market in Pakistan, its dairy products mainly come from European countries. Due to its very expensive price, Pakistan’s local dairy processing industry has a bright future.

How does the yogurt filling machine work?

Because the yogurt filling machine has a very high degree of automation, it has a very simple operation. The rotary yogurt filling machine can complete automatic cup dropping, automatic filling, and automatic sealing. Therefore, it only needs to manually set the filling volume and filling speed, and other parameters on the control panel. The yogurt filling machine is suitable for filling various cups of various shapes, such as round cups, butterfly cups, heart-to-heart cups, and other cups.

Commercial yogurt filling packaging machine details
Commercial Yogurt Filling Packaging Machine Details

If you want to know more about the rotary yogurt filling machine, please contact us.