200-500L yogurt production line | yogurt processing machine

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Yogurt production line is to turn the milk or milk powder into yogurt. It is composed of several tanks including a storage tank, refrigeration tank, preheating tank, homogenizer, pasteurizer tank, and fermentation tank. Finally, the finished yogurt is packed into the cup by a yogurt filling machine. The capacity of this yogurt processing line ranges from 200L-500L, and we can customize it for you according to your need. With reasonable prices and automatic operations, the Taizy yogurt production line is widely applied to dairy processing industries, beverage plants, and yogurt shops, etc.

Yogurt production line
Yogurt Making Machine

What is the raw material of yogurt production line?

Most people mistakenly think that the raw material of yogurt just is fresh milk, actually, the milk powder also can make yogurt. What the processing difference between them is that you need an extra high-speed mixing machine to melt milk powder, and you do not need to buy a storage tank and refrigeration tank.



Milk powder

milk powder

What is the difference between storage tank and refrigeration tank?

The refrigeration tank is mainly used to store the fresh milk before the operation to avoid it going bad, and it has a compressor. However, the storage tank is a common tank to contain yogurt during operation without any special functions

200L yogurt production line

200L yogurt production line is a common capacity that most customers prefer, and this yogurt processing line needs the following machines: 200L sterilization tank, 200L refrigeration tank, double head semi-automatic yogurt filling machine, 2.2kw air compressor, one set milk pump, pipes, valves, bases.

Yogurt processing machine
Yogurt Processing Machine

The technical parameter of 200L sterilization tank

The diameter of tank625mm
The height of milk tank1530mm
Milk tank inner height635mm
Output 10-200kg / time
Sterilization tank height 1530mm
Sterilization time10-30min (adjustable)
Sterilization temperature 60-99 degrees (adjustable)
Heating period 25-35 minutes
Power380v 12kw
Dimension 1020 * 870 * 1530mm
Weight 70kg

The technical parameter of 200L refrigeration tank

The diameter of tank625mm
The height of milk tank1530mm
Milk tank inner height635mm
Output 10-200kg / time
refrigeration tank height 1530mm
Refrigeration temperature 45-85 degree centigrade(adjustable)
Dimension 1020 * 870 * 1530mm
Weight 60kg

The technical parameter of 200L yogurt packing machine

The number of filling head2
Filling capacity 30-1000ml
Output 200-500 cups / hour
Filling accuracy± 0.2%
Weightabout 80kg
Size  900 * 600 * 1350mm
Air compressor 2.2kw

300L yogurt production line

If you want to make 300L yogurt, you need a 300L refrigeration tank, duplex filter, 300L preheating tank, 500L homogenizer, 300L sterilization tank,300L fermentation tank, yogurt filling machine, 5 sets Milk pump, pipeline, valve, and 300L CIP cleaning system.

Yogurt processing machinery
Yogurt Production Line

The technical parameter of 300L yogurt refrigeration tank

Size1700 * 900 * 1550mm
Total power 2.6kw
Cooling capacity 6600 kcal / hour
Refrigerant refrigerant R22
Mixer speed 36r / min
Stirring power 0.75kw
Voltage380V / 50hz
ThicknessInner tank:2mmCooling plate:0.9mm 

The technical parameter of 300L preheating / sterilization / fermentation tank

 size1200 * 1000 * 1650mm
Tank diameter800mm
Tank height600mm
Stirring speed 36r / min
Stirring motor power0.55kw
Voltage380V / 50hz

The technical parameter of 500L homogenizer

Flow 500L / h
Maximum pressure25mpa
Working pressure20mpa
Motor power 4kw
Dimension1010 * 616 * 975mm
Voltage 380V / 50hz

500L yogurt making machine

If you have a very big yogurt processing factory, I recommend you buy a 500L yogurt-making machine. Compared with 200L and 300L yogurt production lines, this line can produce more yogurt within the same time.

Yogurt production line
Yogurt Production Line

Technical parameter

Refrigeration tank1000L1
Duplex filter3T/H 
Preheating tank500L1
Yogurt filling machineBag package1
CIP cleaning systemΦ321 set
Centrifugal pumpΦ325 set

The yogurt production line flow chart

Storage tank

Storage tank is the first part of yogurt production line, and it is mainly to store the fresh milk you want to process. The size of storage tank is different in the different capacities of yogurt processing machines.

Storage tank
Storage Tank Of Yogurt Production Line

Preheating tank

How to preheat the fresh milk? Is it need gas or electricity? No, actually we use hot water to heat the milk, and the preheating temperature is around 45℃. How does it work? Our tank has two layers of structure, and the prepared hot water flowss around the interlayer to heat milk. The heating time is around 1h, after that, you can discharge the hot water.

Heating tank
Preheating Tank Of Yogurt Production Line

Homogenizer tank

The purpose of homogenization is to prevent the fat from floating up in order that milk fat is evenly distributed in the milk. After homogenization, the taste is delicate and great, improving the milk flavor. Meanwhile, it is easy for people to digest and absorb.

Yogurt tank
Homogenizer&Nbsp;Tank Of Yogurt Processing Machine

Pasteurizer tank 

Taizy yogurt processing line adopts a pasteurizer, and the sterilization temperature is 85℃. The working principle is same as the preheating by connecting the pump on the tank. The sterilization time is around 0.5~1.5h, and you should pay attention to that you can not discharge hot water until the temperature drops to the 4-5℃.

Sterilization tank
Pasteurizer Tank Of Yogurt Maker

Fermentation tank

Before fermentation, you can add different cultures to get different flavors of yogurt. The fermentation time is long, around 8h, and the fermentation temperature is 45℃.

Yogurt machine tank
Fermentation Tank Of Yogurt Making Machine

Yogurt filling machine

Yogurt filling is the last step for the whole yogurt production line, and it can pack yogurt into cups that can be sold on the market. The filling process is automatic, saving much time and energy, and we have 3 types of filling machines with different capacities, you can choose on the basis of your demand. Besides, we can customize the size of yogurt cups for you.

Yogurt filling machine
Yogurt Packing Machine

How to clean yogurt production line?

We have a special CIP cleaning system that consists of three stainless steel tanks with pumps, and water, acid, and alkali are stored in these tanks respectively. The cleaning step is water-alkali -water-acid-water, and it can completely clean each part of the yogurt production line without any residues.

Yogurt production line cleaning-system
Yogurt Production Line Cleaning-System

The operation video of yogurt production line

200L yogurt processing line delivery news

200L yogurt production line was delivered to Nigeria in May. This customer sent an inquiry and told us his requirement in April, and our sales manager solved his doubts with great patience. During the discussion, we knew that he had a big farm and raised a lot of cows, so he really needs a professional yogurt production line to get yogurt. He carefully checked every detail in the quotation we sent, after completely being familiar with all the processes, he placed an order from us.

Yogurt machine 1
Yogurt Processing Line Delivery Site

The advantage of yogurt processing machine

  1. All the yogurt tanks are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  2. Its capacity is various from 200L-500L, and we can customize it for you.
  3. The whole operation is automatic, and you just need to place the milk into the tank.
  4. The finished yogurt bears great taste and is favored by people.
Yogurt 1

What should be noted during operation?

During operating the yogurt processing machine, yogurt is easily contaminated by mold and yeast,  so special attention should be paid to prevent these contaminated bacteria when you mix culture or add different flavors of ingredients. Importantly, you shall sterilize the parts with ultraviolet radiation so as to ensure that the entire stirring and cooling process is free from germs.