Milking machine for goat and cow

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The milking machine uses the suction effect produced by the vacuum device in order to simulate the milking action of cattle and sheep, finally sucking out the milk of them. Cow milking machine consists of a milking part and a vacuum part with simple structure. It can be divided into single-barrel and double-barrel type. The extruded milk meets national health standards, and this machine is widely used in small size livestock farms.

Gaost milking machine
Goat Milking Machine
Milking machinery
Cow Milking Machine

Technical parameter

Model TZY-H1TZY-Z1
Capacity 10-12set/h20-24set/h
Milk volume25L/tank25L
Number of tank12
Voltage 220V 50Hz110V/220V/50Hz
Material Stainless steelStainless steel
40HQ Container 315sets126sets

What should you know about the milk?

It is better to deal with fresh milk as early as possible if it is not sealed, since the fresh milk processed by it only can be stored for around two hours. Otherwise, the bacteria are prone to grow. From a health perspective, you can not drink fresh milk, as it is not sterilized and contains active pathogens. If cows are infected with some diseases such as tuberculosis, mastitis, foot-and-mouth disease etc, the pathogenic microorganisms of these diseases are likely to be carried in milk. As a result, people will get sick immediately after drinking. In addition, cows and sheep are susceptible to mastitis, with a prevalence rate up to 70%. Usually, people treat them with antibiotics such as penicillin and streptomycin. Even if you stop using the drug, there will still be antibiotic residues in cow and goat milk, and people who drink this milk may be allergic indirectly.

Cow milking machinery
Machine Display

The structure of milking machine

Taizy milking machine boasts very simple structure, that is,

1. Milk barrel 2.cluster, 3.Vacuum gauge, 4.Piston pump 5.Reducer  6.gear

Milking machine structure
The Structure Of Goat Milking Machine

What should do before operation?

1. Before milking, the machine should be cleaned and disinfected to prevent bacterial invasion.

2. It is necessary to observe the condition of the cow’s nipple, and check that whether there are redness, heat pain and trauma.

3. First squeeze a glass of milk for testing to check whether there are clots, floc and water in the milk.

4. The operator should treat milk gently, avoiding beating the cows.

5. The milking tube should have sufficient elasticity and suitable size, because the nipple size of the cow may be different.

6. The cow milking machine can not exert any harmful stimuli to the cows so as not to affect the normal milking.

Milking machine site
The Working Site

The advantage of goat milking machine

  1. The milking time is short, but the milk volume is high.
  2. It is very easy to operate, and the whole operation just needs one person.
  3. The milking tube designed with special materials can make cow or goat feel comfortable.
  4. The weight of it is light and it is convenient to move in the farm.
How to milk cow
How To Squeeze Milk

The precaution of goat milking machine

1. Regarding to the cattle with small nipples, the breeder should train it patiently and gently.

2. Some ointment can apply to the cracked nipples after each milking.

3. The milking time should not exceed 7 minutes, as there is no milk any more after 7 minutes. If you still milk, the cow will become angry, and it will not cooperate with operators next time.

4. When using machine, the pressure ranges from 0.04pa to 0.05pa. Low pressure will affect the amount of milk, and high pressure will hurt the nipple of cow.

Cow miling machine in factory
Goat Milking Machine

Successful case

We sold 200 sets cow milking machine to Nigeria this month. Until now, all the machines have been packed well. This customer raises a lot of cows, and he needs such machine to help him squeeze the milk, and then process it into yogurt by specific yogurt production line.

Prepare milking machine
Packed Machine
Milking machine factory

factory stock

Milking machine delivery site
Delivery Site
Cow milking machine delivery site
Double-Barrel Cow Milking Machine

How to clean machine?

It is very important to clean the machine, which can effectively prevent the proliferation of bacteria and ensure the quality of milk. After operation, you should clean the dirt on the surface of the goat milking machine with clean water, and put the milk bucket and milk pump in disinfectant. Finally, rinse all the parts with water until the residual disinfectant completely disappears.

Milk cow method

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