CIP system in dairy industry | yogurt machine cleaning equipment

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The CIP system, namely Cleaning-in-place, refers to the use of high-temperature, high-concentration cleaning liquid to clean the contact surface with food without disassembling or moving the machine. It is mainly composed of an alkali tank, acid tank, hot water tank, etc. The cleaning liquid is conveyed by a centrifugal pump for forced circulation in the pump and equipment to achieve the purpose of cleaning. CIP cleaning system is widely used in dairy plants such as yogurt processing machines, breweries, beverages, and general food plants.

Tank cleaning cip systems
Tank Cleaning Cip Systems

The working principle of CIP system

1.According to the setting procedure, the cleaning liquid is automatically configured by the CIP cleaning system. And the control valve can automatically convey the liquid through the pneumatic.

2.Automatic cleaning is achieved through a control system composed of conductivity, temperature controller, acid-base metering pump and PLC touch screen.

3. CIP system can detect and record the time, flow rate and conductivity of each cleaning program. At the same time,it can ensure the temperature and concentration of the cleaning solution. Besides, there is a conductivity meter to automatically detect and display.

Cip cleaning system
Yogurt Processing Line Cleaning Equipment

The structure of yogurt machine cleaning equipment

CIP system is mainly composed of single or multiple cleaning liquid storage tanks, return pumps, pneumatic control valves, acid and alkali metering pumps, temperature controllers, liquid level controllers, PLC touch screens, and control cabinets. The acid tank, alkali tank, and hot water tank are all 2000L that are fully enclosed with double-layer. The acid and alkali tank is equipped with a stirrer; the concentrated acid and alkali tank is a 100L stainless steel tank.

The CIP system is connected to all processing equipment in a cyclic cleaning circuit, and is fully automatic controlled. Concentrated acids and bases are driven into the acid tank and alkaline tank by a diaphragm valve automatic pump.

Cip cleaning system manufacturers
Cip Cleaning System Manufacturers

The advantage of tank cleaning CIP systems

1. Good cleaning effect and high degree of safety

2. Reduce cleaning costs.

3. Effectively remove residual yogurt to prevent microbial contamination.

4.Compared with manual cleaning, yogurt cleaning equipment saves operation time and improve efficiency.

5. Stable and reliable performance. It can be controlled manually, automatic selection, and touch screen prompt operation, which is easy to understand.

6. Eliminate foreign matter insoluble particles. Reduce microbial contamination of yogurt.

7. Save energy such as water and steam, and reduce the amount of detergent.

8. Such a cleaning system can prolong the service life of the yogurt production line.

Cip cleaning system food processing
Cip Cleaning System Food Processing

The precaution of CIP system

1. When CIP is heating, turn on the cleaning pump first, and then turn on the steam l. When closing, first close the steam valve, and then turn off the cleaning pump after about 15 minutes.

2. Before cleaning the tank with acid and alkali, be sure to cover the hole of the tank to prevent splashing on the person.

4. The acid and alkali in the CIP systemcleaning can not be mixed into the material or the CIP water tank.

5. Be sure to open the corresponding valve before starting the pump to prevent the motor from burning. When the machine is not running, be sure to turn off the pump to prevent idling.

6. The opened valve must be closed after cleaning to prevent natural backflow.

7. When using concentrated acid and alkali with cleaning solution, be sure to wear rubber gloves.

Cip system in dairy plant
Cip System In Dairy Plant

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