Plate Sterilizer|Milk Sterilizer Machine

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The plate-type sterilizer is a kind of equipment that can sterilize yogurt. It is widely used at present. It uses steam without contact exchange to make the yogurt reach the sterilization temperature in a short time. This unique sterilization method is suitable for yogurt. Sterilization of milk, juice, and other fluids

Effect description of plate sterilizer

Sterilization is classified according to the medium, which can be divided into steam sterilization, water sterilization, steam and water mixed sterilization. Our plate sterilization is a kind of steam sterilization. This sterilization machine can kill various growth-type pathogens in milk and sterilize , and the sterilization efficiency is trusted by most users.

Yogurt production line
Yogurt Production Line

Components of the plate sterilizer

This machine consists of a material balance and conveying system, a plate heat exchange system, a material management system, a hot water management system, a steam management system, a hot water heating system, an automatic material return system, and an automatic temperature control electrical control system.

Plate sterilizer machine
Plate Sterilizer Machine

Advantages of plate sterilizer

1.Fully enclosed closed system to ensure safety and hygiene during processing

2. The sterilization time is short, to ensure that the eagle eye of the material will not be destroyed

3. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which ensures that the machine can meet sanitary standards

4. Good heat transfer effect, low energy consumption and cost saving

5. High degree of intelligence, can achieve precise temperature control, and achieve 100% sterilization effect on materials

Machine parameters

Production capacity (T/h)1235
Material inlet temperature (*C)5555
Sterilization temperature (“C)85-13585-13585-13585-135
Equipment weight (kg)~928-985-1050-1350
Steam pressure (MPa)
Compressed air pressure (MPa)
Overall dimensions (mm)1500X1500X20002200X2000X2402200X2000X2402400X2200X2500
Schematic diagram of sterilization machine
Schematic Diagram Of Sterilization Machine

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