Export Yogurt Production Line to Pakistan

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We export to Pakistan’s yogurt production line. The yogurt production line we export to Pakistan is 1000kg/h. The output is relatively large. We also have other production lines, such as 200-500ml. The equipment of the yogurt production line is relatively complete, from production to filling. Installed, there are corresponding machines.

Yogurt is important to Pakistanis

Yogurt is very important in Pakistan. Dairy products are consumed almost every day, and they are eaten as desserts after meals. There are also many yogurt-shaved ice stalls on the roadside, and they sell 30 or 40 pots every day, because yogurt is delicious, healthy, and nutritious, so it is loved by people everywhere.

Yogurt making machine
Yogurt Making Machine

Equipment needed to make yogurt

Yogurt production has a specific process, and different equipment is needed to produce yogurt. In the process of yogurt processing, it is necessary to use equipment such as preheating tank, homogenizer, sterilization tank, filling machine, etc., preheating tank The function is mainly to cooperate with the homogenizer to operate because the temperature of the homogenizer during the homogenization process is preferably at 50°C.

Types of yogurt

There are different types of yogurt. Yogurt is divided into stirred yogurt and set yogurt. Set yogurt needs to be eaten with a spoon, while stirred yogurt is slightly thicker than fresh milk. In the production process, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of yogurt, because different yogurt production processes are different.