Yogurt Production Machine is Popular in South Africa

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According to our statistics for the remainder of 2021, many of our yogurt production machine have arrived in South Africa. In October, we just exported a 500ml yogurt production line.

South africa yogurt
South Africa Yogurt

The price of South African dairy products is relatively high in South Africa because South Africa’s dairy farming occurs on a small scale, and the cost of the production of dairy products is high. But yogurt has indeed received popularity in South Africa, especially Greek yogurt is very popular among the masses, among which almond paste pudding and yogurt pudding are the most famous desserts in South Africa. The yogurt production machine is very suitable for production in South Africa。

Introduction of South African Yogurt Clients

The South African yogurt customer we just cooperated with is a processor engaged in the yogurt industry. He has imported machines before, so he understands the import matters and has confidence in the imported machines. Mutual trust prompts us to quickly enter into the discussion of machines. In-depth stage

Yogurt production line
Yogurt Production Line

Understand customer’s needs

South African yogurt production customers are very clear about the yogurt output and raw materials they want to process, so we can also explain our yogurt production line to customers according to their needs. We also explain our machines to South African yogurt customers through professional drawings, machine pictures, and yogurt production videos. (If you are not very clear about what you want, it doesn’t matter, we will help you determine the machine, and we can also send you some precautions about yogurt production).

Confirm the model of the yogurt production line

Yogurt production line
Yogurt Production Line

Originally, the customer chose to use milk for processing and production, and did not need to use refrigeration tanks, but later considering that fresh milk may be used for processing in the later period or imported refrigeration tanks. The South African customer also compared several machines before choosing our machine for import, and finally, the South African customer chose a 500ml yogurt production machine.

Video of yogurt production line