Small scale commercial yogurt production

Small Scale Commercial Yogurt Production

Yogurt Production is a project that many producers want to try. It is true that there is a large profit margin for yogurt production, and the process of yogurt production is relatively easy to master. Many producers find us and want the smallest yogurt production line as a try. The smallest yogurt production line we can provide is a 200L line. Although the output is small, the production steps and equipment are still complete.

Yogurt making

Can we make yogurt with milk powder?

Yogurt is a kind of food that both the elderly and children alike. There are also many people who want to work in the yogurt industry, but they have relatively little knowledge about the production process and knowledge of yogurt. Some people have also raised some questions. Can milk powder be used to make yogurt? What are the raw materials for making yogurt? Let’s have a chat together.

Yogurt production business

How about the yogurt production business

Yogurt is loved by consumers and has become one of the most frequently consumed foods. so it is a good opportunity to start a yogurt production business .and yogurt is an ideal health drink, and it is more nutritious than milk. It can help digestion, increase appetite, It has a therapeutic effect on chronic patients with mild diarrhea. Therefore, yogurt is a flavored food with both diet and health care. Developing the brewed yogurt production business requires less investment and more profits.