What are the yogurt packaging styles?

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to drinking fashionable and healthy drinks. Yogurt is not only a beverage, it has many benefits to the human body. Therefore, yogurt is more and more popular among people. The yogurt packaging has also received great attention. Good yogurt packaging can not only attract people’s attention but may even affect the shelf life of yogurt. So what are the packaging materials for yogurt? What are the packaging forms of yogurt? As yogurt packaging machine manufacturers, Let us answer you one by one.

Why is yogurt packaging so important?

Yogurt and yogurt drinks are delicious and nutritious, and they are increasingly becoming a necessity in people’s lives. The yogurt packaging design not only provides people with a good visual enjoyment, but the material of its packaging is also very important for the preservation of yogurt.

What are the yogurt packaging materials?

Yogurt packaging machine manufacturers have studied the yogurt packaging commonly used in the market. We know that the current yogurt packaging forms on the market are mainly glass and ceramic packaging, plastic packaging, Ecolean packaging, composite packaging, and metal packaging.

Glass ceramic packaging

Glass ceramic packaging
Glass Ceramic Packaging

Glass bottles and ceramic jars have good gas barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the yogurt from being oxidized and deteriorated. At the same time, it can prevent the volatile substances in the yogurt from volatilizing into the atmosphere. They are the more commonly used packaging for yogurt, which has the characteristics of reusable and low cost. However, due to the high weight of glass bottles and ceramic bottles, they are fragile, difficult to clean, and inconvenient to recycle. Therefore, these two types of yogurt packaging are suitable for short-term packaging.

Plastic Packaging

There are three main types of plastic packaging for yogurt, HDPE bottles, PS, and PET packaging. The smooth body of the HDPE bottle can be labeled with paper. It is usually used to package sterilized fermented yogurt. The shelf life of this bottled yogurt is generally about 20 days and needs to be refrigerated.

Yogurt packaging with the plastic packaging material
Plastic Packaging

The PS bottle has a good surface finish and is resistant to low temperatures. It can tolerate a low temperature of minus 30 degrees. The shelf life of yogurt packaged in this material is generally about 21 days. The light transmittance of PET bottles is very low. This low light transmittance very well extends the yogurt shelf life. In addition, the PET bottle has an oxygen barrier performance number, which is very suitable for packaging pasteurized milk, UHT milk, and flavored milk beverages.

Composite material packaging

The yogurt packaging machine manufacturer reminds us that the composite packaging material composes of two or more materials with different characteristics. The comprehensive performance of the composite material packaging can meet the needs that a single material cannot meet. The composite yogurt packaging has good overall performance, heat sealing effect, and printing effect. Moreover, the yogurt packaged with composite materials can not only improve the yogurt quality but also extend its shelf life.

Ecolean Packaging

Ecolean yogurt packaging
Ecolean Packaging

Ecolean material is an environmentally friendly packaging material with good barrier properties. And the material can be gradually degraded in nature. The Ecolean pot packaging has a good standing property, which reduces the space occupied. And when you can’t finish drinking at one time, the tear of the package can be automatically sealed, keeping the yogurt fresh.

Metal packaging

Metal packaging
Metal Packaging

Metal packaging has good light barrier properties and oxygen barrier properties. And the use of metal packaging ensures aseptic packaging and greatly extends the yogurt shelf life. However, the cost of metal packaging is higher. Due to the higher acidity of yogurt, this requires metals to have higher acid resistance. In order to protect the filled yogurt, yogurt packaging machine manufacturers recommend using tinplate three-piece cans or aluminum two-piece cans to improve the corrosion resistance of metal pipes.

How to choose yogurt packaging style?

We have introduced several common yogurt packaging styles above. There are many yogurt packaging styles on the market. The specific yogurt packaging selection should be selected according to the specific production requirements and the packaging styles popular in the local market.

Yogurt filling machine can meet a variety of filling needs

Since the styles of yogurt filling are diverse, how do choose the right yogurt filling machine? yogurt packaging machine manufacturers introduce your two yogurt packaging machines. These two yogurt filling machines have a wide range of uses. They are widely used for filling bottles or cups of yogurt. And these two filling machines have a high degree of automation, simple operation, and accurate packaging. Therefore, they can meet most people’s yogurt filling needs. If you need a yogurt filling machine, please contact us for detailed information about the yogurt filling machine.

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