Commercial yogurt making machine installed in Kenya

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Yogurt is popular with people of all ages in daily life. The yogurt is made from raw materials such as milk or milk powder through sterilization, fermentation and other steps. Commercially it is usually made by professional yogurt making machines. Due to the availability of raw materials and the wide spread of finished products, in recent years, yogurt processing machines have become more and more popular with customers. Whether large or small manufacturers, there are corresponding equipment to help customers produce. Commercial yogurt production equipment has low investment cost, small floor space, easy operation, and profitable. Recently, we installed a yogurt making machine in Kenya.

Order details for Kenya yogurt making machine

Kenyan customer bought a small 200L yogurt production line. The small 200l yogurt production line consists of storage tanks, cooling tanks, preheating tanks, homogenizers, pasteurization tanks, fermentation tanks, and other machines.

In order to facilitate packaging, Kenyan customers also purchased a yogurt filling machine. His filling requirements are 200ml and 350ml cups. Since the filling range of the yogurt filling machine can be adjusted through the intelligent control screen, the customer only needs to purchase one filling machine. However, the machine needs to meet the same diameter size of the two cups. Since the customer’s local voltage is 230V, we need to change the voltage of the machine.

Kenya Yogurt Manufacturing Machine delivery pictures

The above is the delivery picture of the yogurt manufacturing machine to Kenya. All the machines we ship abroad are packed in wooden boxes. Therefore, the machine will not be damaged during transportation. And the customer’s name is marked on the wooden box. After the goods arrive at the port, customers can easily find their goods.

What is the yogurt production line output?

The output of these yogurt making machines sent to Kenya is 200 liters, so are there other production outputs? Of course there is. As a yogurt making machines manufacturer, we provide yogurt production lines with a variety of capacities. Moreover, the commercial yogurt production line can also be customized according to customer needs. The output of the yogurt production machine ranges from 200l~2t. Therefore, the yogurt production line can meet the needs of large and small yogurt manufacturers.

Why do Kenyan customers buy a yogurt production line?

Kenyan customers purchase a yogurt maker to make yogurt not only to meet their own investment needs, but also to be affected by the Kenyan environment.

The Kenyan client runs a small farm and he raises many cows and goats. He wants to get another income by processing milk and goat milk. Therefore, after a long time of consultation, Kenyan customers chose to purchase some yogurt processing equipment and processed milk into yogurt for sale.

Kenya yogurt production
Kenya Yogurt Production

In addition, Kenya’s dairy industry is one of the most critical sectors of its economy. Kenya is estimated to have more than 4.5 million dairy cows and is one of the largest milk producers in Africa. Kenya accounts for 30-40% of the 5% of milk produced in Africa. Therefore, Kenya’s dairy industry is considered one of the most profitable agricultural and manufacturing activities. In recent years, many local and international investors have invested in the industry.

What are the steps of yogurt production?

What are the production steps of yogurt? This is the question the Kenyan customer asked when consulting us about the yogurt making machine. Moreover, this question is often asked by many customers who purchase yogurt making machines.

Yogurt is mainly divided into solidified yogurt and stirred yogurt. The set yogurt is generally pure yogurt on the market. The stirred yogurt is generally yogurt with fruit particles. There is a little difference in the production steps of the two yoghurts.


Solidified yogurt production process:

Fresh milk-standardization-homogenization-sterilization-cooling-inoculation-mixing-filling-fermentation-cooling

Stirred yogurt production process:

Fresh milk–standardization–homogenization–sterilization–cooling–fermentation–stirring–filling–cold storage–yogurt

If you want to know more about the production steps of yogurt, please contact us or click on the yogurt production line to learn more.