Can raisins be added to yogurt production?

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Yogurt is rich in nutrients, but some businesses still want to add some raisins or some nuts in the production process. Then, can these nuts and dried fruits be added to the production process of yogurt? When to join?

When are raisins added to the yogurt production process?

Raisins can be added to the production process of yogurt. Adding raisins can increase the taste of yogurt. In addition, it is more nutritious and supplements vitamins. However, sterilization is always the most important step in the production process. Since the raisins themselves contain certain bacteria, attention should be paid to the sterilization of the raisins during the production process. The raisins must be sterilized before being added to the yogurt. There are strict processes in the production process, so pay attention to the time and order of adding raisins. Raisins can be added to the yogurt after the yogurt is fermented. Sterilization of raisins helps to extend the shelf life of yogurt.

Sterilization machine
Sterilization Machine

According to survey statistics, the sales of yogurt with some nuts and dried fruits are better and more popular among consumers. Therefore, it is possible to increase the innovation of yogurt in the production of yogurt. If you want to work in the yogurt production industry, you can contact us. We have small yogurt production lines 200l-500L. There are also large-volume yogurt production lines.