Yogurt production business

How about the yogurt production business

Yogurt is loved by consumers and has become one of the most frequently consumed foods. so it is a good opportunity to start a yogurt production business .and yogurt is an ideal health drink, and it is more nutritious than milk. It can help digestion, increase appetite, It has a therapeutic effect on chronic patients with mild diarrhea. Therefore, yogurt is a flavored food with both diet and health care. Developing the brewed yogurt production business requires less investment and more profits.

Yogurt making machine 2

How to make yogurt at home?

Yogurt is favored by many people, especially girls who like to drink it very much. You can find yogurt in every supermarket, but have you ever thought about making yogurt …

Yogurt making machine

1t-5t tube-type yogurt making machine

Tube-type yogurt making machine is mainly used to make high-yield yogurt. Thanks to a high-temperature sterilizer, yogurt sterilization can be completed in a few seconds, which greatly improves working efficiency, but it can still retain its nutrition of milk. The most significant feature of this yogurt production line is that the sterilization is continuous in a completely closed system. Besides, such a sterilization system has little effect on the flavor and nutritional content of the final yogurt, preventing the secondary pollution of milk.