How to make yogurt at home?

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Yogurt is favored by many people, especially girls who like to drink it very much. You can find yogurt in every supermarket, but have you ever thought about making yogurt at home? You may think that yogurt is made with a professional yogurt making machine, and it is difficult to do at home. Actually, there are some additives in the yogurt when we buy outside, but we don’t have to worry about it when we make it by ourselves. Now, let ’s take a look about how to make yogurt at home!

It is very simple to make yoghurt, and you can make delicious and no added yogurt with sufficient ingredients.

What should i prepare?

Prepare 1000ml whole milk, a bag of yogurt fungus powder, about 1g, and electric cooker.

Firstly, add an appropriate amount of water to the electric cooker, plug in the power. Press the cooking button for about 10 minutes, the water then can reach 50-60 degrees.

Secondly, pour half of the whole milk into a cup, add yogurt fungus powder, and then pour the remaining milk into it. Stir well to make the fungus powder completely melt, then cover the container with a preservative film and put it into electric cooker. Unplug the power from the electric cooker, and cover the lid. Ferment the milk for about 8 hours.

Can i add sugar or jam into yogurt?

Put the fermented yogurt in the refrigerator for about 1-2 hours, then you can eat it. You can add some jam, nuts or fresh fruits for better taste. If you don’t like being too sour, you can put sugar when adding milk in the first step, stir the sugar until it melts completely.

By the way, you can buy yogurt fungus powder online. Generally, a small packet can ferment 1000ml of yogurt, so only one packet is needed when making yogurt. Of course, if you want to make high output yogurt, it is better to buy a yogurt making machine.

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