The development trend of yogurt production line in China

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From the beginning of the yogurt industrialization in the 1980s, China’s yogurt production line has experienced rapid development, which promotes the growth of yogurt industries. In recent years, China’s yogurt market has maintained a high double-digit growth rate every year, and the growth rate has led the world.

Normal temperature yogurt will continue to lead the way

In recent years, the normal temperature yogurt has shown a rapid growth momentum. The reasons can be summarized from four aspects. First, the increase in the investment of dairy companies. Second, the taste of yoghurt is various, and the richness of taste will attract more consumers to buy. Third, the consumption scenario is more comprehensive with many gifts for customers. Fourth, the diversification of packaging forms expands the consumer group of yogurt.

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The market share of high-end yogurt has gradually expanded

With the continuous development of yogurt consumption culture and more advanced yogurt production line, high-end yogurt will gradually occupy a larger market share. High-end yogurt is more delicate, unique and richer in texture than ordinary yogurt. The raw milk selected is of higher quality, and the production process adopts a more unique technology.  What’s more, the packaging form adopts a portable and exquisite design. Brand marketing uses product naming, advertising words, celebrity endorsements, creating unique stories to create a creative and aesthetic experience for consumers. All those factors satisfy consumers’ deep emotional needs.

Under the increasingly fierce competition in the ordinary yogurt product market and the shrinking of profit, high-end yogurt will be an important development direction for industry brands. How to develop a healthy and delicious high-end yogurt, and meanwhile create a clear and prominent brand concept will be an important issue for future development.

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The yogurt category needs are constantly subdivided

the consumption of dairy products in China has shifted from powdered milk to liquid milk, and the consumption proportion has increased year by year. The category of yogurt can be divided into normal temperature yogurt, low temperature lactic acid bacteria yogurt, normal temperature functional milk, low temperature functional yogurt etc. In addition, China’s yogurt market is also highly differentiated, and yogurt industries compete each other in yogurt innovation, price positioning, and yogurt distribution.

In the future, the yogurt market can be subdivided from four aspects. First is the processing craft, such as traditional fermentation process and modern fermentation process. Second is the classification of the population such as middle-aged, elderly people and children. Third is the culture types. Fourth is yogurt composition that should meet different consumer needs.