When can you milk the cow or goat by milking machine?

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Milking frequency has an effect on milk production. As for high yield cow, the practice has proven that milking twice a day by cow milking machine can increase yield by about 10% compared with milking 3 times one day. However, there is no impact on low- and medium-yielding cows. At present, most dairy farms in China have adopted a milking system twice a day.

What do you need to pay attention to when milking cows?

Equal distribution of milking intervals is most conducive to obtaining the highest milk yield. In the past, people prefer to milking 3 times a day, Actually, milking twice a day can shorten the milking time, and it is scheduled in the morning and evening, effectively increasing the final output. The latter not only saves labor and costs, but also is good for operators.

After the number of milking times is determined, as for the specific milking time, you do not to worry about it, as it has little effect on the milk production. Generally speaking, the milking activities of the cows are continuous and basically balanced.

What are the consequences of not milking for a long time?

The cow was born to milk, and its milking cycle was 305 days after it  is born. To increase the milking volume, you can inject medicine to cow. Generally, the cow can produce 2 to 24 kg milk per day. If cows are not allowed to milk, its nipples will feel painful, finally causing mastitis. As a result, the entire cow will become sick, and eventually die!

If the milk is not squeezed or the milk is not clean, it will cause great losses to the dairy farmers. So even if the cow’s nipples are frozen, the milk must be squeezed out manually, or processed by milking machine.