How do you clean a yogurt maker?

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The dairy processing machine needs to be cleaned with professional cleaning equipment, that is, CIP system, preferably within a few hours after all the operations are finished.

The advantages of acid and alkaline detergents

Using acid can remove residuals inside dairy processing machine, while alkaline can remove fat and protein through saponification reaction

The advantages of sterilizing agents are:

  1. Rapid bactericidal effect, effective for all microorganisms
  2. non-toxic after dilution. 
  3. not affected by water hardness. 
  4. forming a thin film on the surface of the yogurt maker.
  5. easy to determine the concentration and measure.
Yogurt processing machinery

What’s the disadvantage of sterilizing agents?

However, there are still some disadvantages as follow

  1. There is a special taste; it requires a certain storage condition.
  2. the sterilization effect of different concentrations is large.
  3. it is easy to freeze when the temperature is low.
  4. Improper use will cause side effects.
  5. The sterilization effect will be significantly reduced when it is mixed with dirt.
  6. It will easily pollute the environment.

What should be noted when cleaning the dairy processing line?

1.Acid detergents are corrosive to metals, and some anti-corrosive agents should be added,or you can rinse the yogurt maker with water.

2.When increasing the concentration of the cleaning agent, the cleaning time can be appropriately shortened,which can make up the deficiency of cleaning temperature. However, it will also cause an increase in cleaning costs, and increasing concentration may not effectively improve the cleaning effect, so we need to determine the appropriate concentration according to the actual situation.

3.For every 10 ° C increase in temperature, the chemical reaction speed will increase by 1.5-2.0 times. Meanwhile, the cleaning speed of yogurt maker will be correspondingly increased. As a result, the cleaning effect will be better. 

4.Cleaning temperature generally can not lower than 60 ° C. The cleaning time is affected by many factors, thus, it must be appropriate. It is too short to effectively remove dirt, while too long to waste resources.