How to avoid mastitis after using cow milking equipment?

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Cows can bring economic benefits for people by producing milk. However, mastitis is one of the biggest problems that endanger cows’ milk production. How to avoid mastitis after cow milking equipment?

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What factors can cause mastitis?

We know that there are many factors that may cause mastitis in dairy cows. Mistakes in every aspect of dairy cow production may trigger serious disease, from feed quality, storage and processing, to dietary configuration. In addition, the factor also can be feeding methods, and barn hygiene especially breast hygiene and milking operations. The milk operation includes nipple disinfection and the operation of cow milking equipment for sale. Thus, the prevention measures for cow mastitis should be comprehensive.

Can mastitis be completely avoided?

At present, there is no a perfect method for the prevention and treatment of cow mastitis. How to avoid mastitis is a key issue for people who breed cows. Generally speaking, it is necessary for people to take protective measures from all aspects, that is, to prevent it at every stage of cow production.

What should I do to reduce the chances of getting mastitis?

Farmers should strive to combine prevention and treatment, reducing the incidence of mastitis. Meanwhile, you need to reduce the use of antibiotics, and improve the safety of raw milk.

1. Bathe the cows before and after using cow milking equipment for sale.

2. The farmers should feed the cow first and then milk it. By doing so, its breasts have sufficient closing time to prevent the cows nipples touching the ground.

3. Reconstruct the ranch sports ground, and make up fine sand in time to avoid mechanical injury to the cow’s breast.

4. Dredging the drainage facilities of the ranch to avoid standing water after rain.

5. Change the milk lining regularly to avoid excessive milking.

6, To ensure that the pressure of goat milking machine is stable.

7. Enhance cow heath condition and increase cow immunity.

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