How to improve the production capacity of cow?

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When using our portable milking machines for cows, a lot of customers reflect that the production capacity of the cow is very low. It is not the problem of our cow milking machine itself, but the type of cow. How to improve the production capacity of cow? I will give you some suggestions.

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Breed improvement

  1. Carry out a genetic improvement plan for cows, and establish high-yielding dairy herds.
  2. Conduct the dairy performance measurement and genetic evaluation of cows.
  3. Speed up the implementation of a dairy breeds registration and identity management system.
  4. Strengthen the guidance of cow improvement work, and promote artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and other breeding technologies. 
  5. Continuously increase the level of dairy cow yield and improve the quality of raw milk.

What’re the detailed steps?

1. Construct a core group of high-yielding cows. Focusing on the introduction of cattle, the development and utilization of genetic resources, and the construction of infrastructure, we will strengthen the construction of farms for dairy cows. It can improve the production level and supply capacity of farms.

2. Improve the fertility of cows. Improve the cow genetic evaluation and testing system, accelerate the improvement of cow physical fitness. At the same time, improve the ability of cow to independently cultivate and supply high-quality frozen sperm.

3. Improve production performance measurement system. Strengthen the construction of measurement centers, dairy improvement center infrastructure and portable milking machines for cows update. Improve the technical and management standards of the dairy cows.

4. Lay the technical foundation of cow breed improvement, and strengthen the guidance about it.

5. Improve the promotion system of high-quality frozen semen. Carry out training for artificial insemination technicians, and further improve the promotion system of high-quality frozen semen.

Veterinary Drug Management

Strict implementation of the rule of the withdrawal period. The abuse of antibiotics reduces the milk quality. Besides, he antibiotics remaining in the food cannot be completely destroyed by heating, endangering human health

1. Sign a contract with a veterinarian to prevent the drugs from being used indiscriminately.

2. All veterinary drugs that enter the pasture must have a national production license certificate.

3. Illegal veterinary drugs should not be used.

4. Drugs are prohibited during lactation.

Emphasis on the training of managers, dairy farmers should be relatively stable

1. Provide food safety education to ranch personnel.

2. The ranch is required to strictly implement national rules and regulations.

3. Strengthen breeding and increasing the yield of dairy cows.

4. Regularly provide breeding knowledge to the workers.

5. Guide the ranch to do disinfection and epidemic prevention, scientific breeding, and reduce the risk of raw milk contamination.

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