How to open a frozen yogurt shop?

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Today, the yogurt shop is extremely popular because it caters to the modern consumer culture that advocates natural and healthy eating. What’s more, with unique yoghurt products and services, yogurt shop is well favored by consumers. How to open frozen yogurt shop? Is it necessary to buy a frozen yogurt machine for sale? What is the best frozen yogurt place? How much does it cost to open up a frozen yogurt shop? How much money can you make owning a frozen yogurt shop? i will answer you those questions one by one?

What is the best frozen yogurt place?

The first thing is to choose a location that fits your yogurt consumption. The consumption of yogurt is similar to milk tea and ice cream, with young people and students under 30 as the main consumer group. Also, in general, a good yogurt shop is always surrounded by many people. At present, many cities are relatively concentrated in various areas, such as commercial areas, tourist areas, university areas, etc. You should pay attention to analyze different situations when opening stores in different areas.

How much does it cost to open up a frozen yogurt shop?

You need to prepare enough money for rent, decoration costs, and the cost to purchase frozen yogurt machine for sale and related equipment.
The rent varies greatly in different ares. Can the store be transferred in the later period? How often should i pay the rent? all of those you should ask clearly before renting. Be sure to figure out these rents and expenses, and never let it affect your capital budget.

The decoration style of the yogurt shop is also very important. Good decoration can attract customers, of course, you must invest more money. The name of the shop should be eye-catching, the space division should be reasonable; the indoor light should be bright; the color use should be harmonious; and the temperature and humidity should be comfortable.

Finally, you need to buy a professional frozen yogurt machine for sale. different sizes of yogurt shops need to buy different machines. A small yogurt shop can buy a small-size yogurt making machine. If your yogurt shop is large, you can buy a large yogurt processing line, of course, the cost is relatively high.

In short, different regions have different consumption levels, and the costs you need to prepare may be different. You must be prepared with sufficient funds in the aspect of rent, decoration cost and the machine cost, which will greatly affect the operation of your store.

How to apply for relevant licenses?

Yogurt shops belongs to small-size restaurants, which need to make formalities such as business license, tax registration certificate, and catering hygiene permit. In order to save time, you can spend some money on behalf of the agency. If you want to save money, you can do it yourself.
Participate in related institutions for training
General yogurt training institutions will teach you how to make different flavors of yogurt, how to use yogurt maker machine, how to manage stores, and how to carry out promotional activities, etc. After finish the training, even lacking of store opening experience, you still can run yogurt shop smoothly at the early stage.

How much money can you make owning a frozen yogurt shop?

It is necessary to have a a period of trial operation, and it can lasts 5 to 7 days. Through the trial business, you probably know how much your daily profit is, and make long-term plans. Trial sales can also help you adjust customer feedback on tastes and prices. Of course, the arrangement of personnel also need to be in place before ending the trial open.