Yogurt ice cream creates a new era

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The concept of healthy consumption has become the general trend, and the ice cream industry is also facing a new reform. How to meet the needs of modern consumers and seize market opportunities? People is aiming at the new product, yogurt ice cream, and they want to gain the recognition of consumers in the new era with nutritional and healthy concepts. This has also led to the development of the yogurt machine manufacturing industry, and yogurt making machine price is always reasonable within the acceptable range.

Customer’s concept is changing

With the improvement of consumption level, in response to changes in consumer’s demand, the ice cream industry has begun its own transformation. In the past, ice cream is used to protect people from heatstroke, and cool down in the summer. Now, it has evolved into a product with health function, that is yogurt ice cream, it is combined with health lifestyle and delicious taste. Yogurt ice cream may become a new force to promote related industry upgrading.

Yogurt ice cream promotes the upgrading of related industry

For most people, yogurt ice cream is still a new thing, but in fact, it has become very popular in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada and other countries in recent years. It is rich in active bacteria, low in fat and sugar, and has the effect of beauty, weight loss and improvement of digestion.

100% pure milk fermentation, zero added flavor pigments, perfectly interprets the health concept of ice cream. It integrates the yogurt fermentation process and ice cream technology so that ice cream has both the nutrition of yogurt and the delicious taste of ice cream. Obviously, it can fully meet consumer’s demand.

Foreign ice cream brands enter the Chinese market

In recent years, China’s ice cream industry has grown at an alarming rate, reaching an annual increase of 30%. More and more people buy yogurt maker machines, and the yogurt machine price is also fluctuating. The huge market capacity and considerable market prospects have attracted the attention of many foreign brands, since it can bring them huge profits.

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