Pasteurized Yogurt vs Normal Temperature Yogurt

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Pasteurized milk is made by the yogurt processing equipment. In terms of taste and nutrition, pasteurized milk and pasteurized yogurt are the most perfect dairy products. Consumers who have bought pasteurized milk know that it is not cheap, so why should we stick to pasteurized milk?

Yogurt processing machine
yogurt processing equipment

What are the differences in nutritional value between pasteurized yogurt and normal temperature yogurt?

Differences in raw materials

The raw material of pasteurized yogurt is pasteurized milk, which not only kills bacteria but also retains beneficial active substances and nutrients to the maximum extent. Due to its short warranty time, it must be refrigerated.

Normal temperature yogurt uses ultra-high temperature sterilized fresh milk. High-temperature sterilization destroys the nutritional components (such as vitamins) and some beneficial bacteria in fresh milk. And protein and lactose will react to some extent and destroy the original flavor of fresh milk. Yogurt made with this milk does not have the proper nutritional ingredients.

Different production methods

In the yogurt production line, after fermenting, yogurt needs to be cooled to avoid excessive fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, maintaining the vitality of lactic acid bacteria. It can be stored under a temperature of 2-6 ° C for 3 days.

Normal temperature yogurt is also called pasteurized heat-treated yogurt. It has more heat treatment steps than pasteurized yogurt. After the yogurt fermentation is completed, the yogurt is heat-treated to sterilize it again. The live lactic acid bacteria and other kinds of bacteria are killed, and the taste of room temperature yogurt will not change. It can be stored at room temperature for several months.

Differences in nutritional value

The difference in raw materials and production methods between pasteurized yogurt and normal temperature yogurt cause the differences in nutritional value.

The active bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and vitamins of the pasteurized yogurt are kept intact, and the beneficial active substances and nutrients are retained to the maximum extent. There is no significant loss of vitamin A and vitamin B6, and protein whey can reach 80% -90%. The soluble calcium and phosphorus remain almost 100%. It does not contain any additives such as preservatives, it is milky white or slightly yellow, and has the inherent flavor of milk.

Pasteurized Yogurt

During the high-temperature sterilization of room temperature yogurt, vitamin C and vitamin E are basically destroyed. Vitamin B is also lost by about 50%. Its taste will not change with time. It does not have the function of protecting the intestinal health.

All in all, the pasteurized yogurt made by yogurt processing equipment is healthier the normal temperature yogurt. Thus, it is better for you to choose pasteurized yogurt when purchasing.