Reason of milk mastitis caused by milking machine

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At present, many people are concerned about whether the use of cow milking machine can easily cause cow mastitis. Generally, as long as you can use milking machine properly, and strength the management, the mastitis can be effectively avoided.

What are the symptoms of mastitis?

The appearance of breasts is abnormal; and you may find the flocculation, clot, purulent secretion or bloody filaments in the milk. Although it is local infection, the entire body will be affected. Toxins produced by bacteria can cause fever,poisoning, shock, and appetite in cows. Cows show depression, cold skin, shortness of breath, weak muscles, and even death in severe cases.

What causes mastitis?

Cow milking machine itself

A good milking machine does not cause mastitis directly, but poor performance of machine and improper management or use will irritate the breast tissue of cows, increasing the incidence of mastitis. Inadequate cleaning and disinfection of the goat milking machine can cause the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Excessive intake of milk

If the milk in the breast has already been emptied, the milk cup has not been removed in time and is still sucking milk, which is harmful to the cow. Due to the uneven milk production of the four breast, excessive intake of milk will trigger mastitis. 

Choice of milk cups and milk cup linings

The milk cup lining must be more than 140mm, otherwise the nipples cannot be fully massaged and rested. Too long milk cup lining may contaminate the cow’s nipples, while too short milk cup lining will trigger the milk to flow poorly. As a result, the cow will infect mastitis.

How to prevent mastitis?

Milking system

1.Make sure that the vacuum pump runs properly and maintain it regularly.

2.The vacuum pressure must meet the requirements and be tested regularly.

3.Regularly check the milk cup lining and the pulsating tube. If it is found to be aging or damaged, it must be replaced in time.

4.After each milking, strictly follow the cleaning procedure and thoroughly disinfect.

Normal operation

The breast nipples must be clean and dry before using goat milking machine. Secondly, put on the milk cup correctly and quickly to prevent the milk cup from falling off and being contaminated. Then, remove the milk cup after milking to prevent sucking. Finally, be sure to bathe cow’s nipples with disinfectant after milking.

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