The current situation of small milking machine for cows in Pakistan

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Most people like to drink milk, what’s the current situation of small milking machine for cows in Pakistan?

Cow milking machinery
Small Milking Machine

Long-term inadequate supply of high quality forage, causing low milk production.

According to statistics, Pakistan’s dairy milk production is only about 6 tons, which is less than two-thirds of developed countries such as the United States and New Zealand. There are many reasons for the low yield of dairy cows, such as genetics, nutrition, environment, and disease. One of the important reasons is the chronic shortage of good quality forage.

What’s high quality forage?

Good quality forage includes cultivated forages and forage crops, but not crop stalks, the latter of which is often considered to be inferior forage. Many scientific studies and practices at home and abroad have shown that alfalfa is the preferred high-quality forage for dairy cattle breeding,and the proportion of dry matter in dairy cattle diets usually reaches over 40%.

What’s the harm of low quality forage?

Most of the breeders mainly use corn stalk silage, and the supply of high-quality forage is insufficient. As a result, this forage can not effectively support the development of the dairy industry.

The quality and safety level of raw milk needs to be further improved. The milk protein rate of raw milk often fails to meet the standards of dairy companies in July and August each year. In addition, the number of somatic cells and total bacteria of raw milk is high, and the problem of antibiotic residues is also prominent.

The dairy farms on the pasture are scattered and inconvenient to manage

In recent years, more and more people have raised dairy cows, and everyone wants to make a profit from them. However, these people are scattered, and it is difficult to manage them centrally.

Poor economic benefits of dairy farming

1. The price of forage feed has increased. At present, the prices of alfalfa hay, corn silage, natural hay bales and other feeds have increased significantly. The price of corn has continued to rise.

2. The formula of dairy diets is unreasonable, and there are few high-quality forages, resulting in high dairy diet costs, low yields, and increased veterinary medicine costs.

3. Part of the reconstruction uses a lot of expensive equipment, but the technology and management level can’t keep up, which causes a heavy burden. I strongly recommend you to buy small milking machine for cows.

4. The wages of employed technicians and workers are also increasing.

5.Low cow yield

6. Raw milk prices are low. Due to the generally poor quality of raw milk from June to August, the price of milk is low as well.

At present, the most feasible and effective way to improve the efficiency of dairy farming is to continue to improve the yield and quality of raw milk. Besides, it is advisable to buy a small milking machine for cows, and it really can saves much money for you.