The importance of diets for dairy cows

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The diet is the sum of the nutritional intake of dairy cows throughout the day. Farmers should not only focus on buying small milking machine for goats, but also pay attention to the nutritional intake of the cows.

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Small Goat Milking Machine

What’s the indicators of the diet?

 At present, the main detection indicators include dry matter content, fine-to-roughness ratio, granularity, uniformity, and nutritional content. How to evaluate the effect of diets in actual production? What key indicators reflect the quality of diets? How to judge the key indicators? They should become important issues for feed and breeding technology service enterprises, and the management departments should concern about it.

Diet technology and pasture transformation are the main parts of dairy farming

The diet is based on the nutritional needs of cows in different stages of growth, and the breeders feed the cows in groups. The use of diets can increase milk production and reduce labor costs. According to the diet formula designed by nutrition experts, using a special mixer to stir, cut and mix the ingredients of the diet is an advanced breeding process. A fully mixed diet guarantees balanced nutrition for cow. In this case, when using small milking machine for goats, they can produce more milk due to enough nutrition.

What are the benefits of diet?

Because the fine and coarse feeds are evenly mixed, it can avoid cows picky food, ensuring forage intake. At the same time, it can maintain a stable rumen PH value, and prevent indigestion caused by rumen acidosis. Most important, it is able to improve the dietary utilization of cows, thereby increasing the milk production and reproduction rate.

What the benefit of using dietary for cow manager?

The TMR feeding system allows the manager to more clearly, timely and accurately grasp the dietary dry matter intake of each cow by weighing and recording the dietary ingredients. By doing this, you can totally meet the nutritional needs of cows.

What kind of cows are suitable for this dietary?

 The TMR feeding system is very suitable for herds with many different cattle. Through group feeding management, the production performance of the entire herd can be maximized.

In addition, it can reduce the randomness of feeding and greatly improve the accuracy of management. It can prevent the dietary intake from being disturbed by the social status so that timid calves or weak calves can get the same quality and quantity of dietary.

All in all, dietary is very important for cows. As a cow manager, it is necessary for you to know the above knowledge.