The yogurt production line sent to Tanzania

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Recently, we sent 200L yogurt production line to Tanzania.

Yogurt processing machine 2
Wooden Case Of Yogurt Processing Machine
Yogurt processing line
Wooden Case Of Yogurt Processing Machine

Yogurt maker 5
Wooden Case Of Yogurt Processing Machine
Yogurt machine 3
Wooden Case Of Yogurt Processing Machine

How did the customers find us?

This customer found us from our yoghurt machine website, and added the Whatsapp of our sales manager, telling us his needs-200L yogurt processing machine that includes storage tank, 200L preheating tank, 200L homogenizer tank, 200L sterilization tank, 200l fermentation tank and yogurt filling machine.

We provide him with professional solutions according to his situation

After we sent quotation for him, he worried a lot about the money, since his budget is lower than the price we can sell. However, he really needed this processing line to help him improve working efficiency. To solve his problem, we recommend him not to buy 200l fermentation tank because it can be replaced by preheating tank, and the final effect of yogurt is same. The only disadvantage of this that it will cost some time, but can save money. Finally, he was very satisfied with our solutions, and promised that he would make payment as soon as possible.

Yogurt machine factory
Yogurt Production Line

The customer visited our factory to check yogurt production line

Even though we have solved all his problems, this customer wanted to visited our factory to check all the machines. We picked him up at airport, and then went to our factory.

Yogurt making machine factory
Yogurt Production Line

He still was confused about the function of homogenizer tank when he was in factory, and we told that this tank can guarantee the taste of yogurt.

Yogurt tank
Homogeniser Of Yogurt Production Line

As for the delivery time, we told him it was around 40 days. We can produced yogurt production line for him as soon as possible if he could pay 30% deposit.

Finally, he made the deposit before leaving our factory.

We packed all yogurt production line carefully for him

All the machines are finished within half month, and they are packed by wooden case as following.

Dairy making machine
Wooden Case Of Yogurt Processing Machine

After-sales serves of yogurt production line

Regarding to the yogurt production line , we often send our customers details instruction book to help them install machine. If they can not install machine successfully, we can assign our engineers to go aboard. As long as they has any questions, we will try our best to figure them out.