We sold 100 sets milking machine for dairy cows to Peru

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We sold 100 sets milking machines for dairy cows to Peru last month. This customer has a pasture with big size where he raises more than 200 cows.

Milking machine delivery site
Milking Machine For Dairy Cows

Many employees spends much time to milk before buying milking machine for dairy cows

In the past, he employed many workers to squeeze milk manually, which wastes much time and energy. What’s more, the production cost is high, and he can not get a high benefits. After knowing that the milking machine for dairy cows can effectively milk cows within short time, he placed an order from us without any hesitation.

Taizy cow milking machine improves his working efficiency

Now he receives the cow milking machine, and it really improves his working efficiency. He reduces the number of employees, for this milking machine for dairy cows can fully replace the labor force.

This customer not only bought a milking machine from us but shared his experience with how to manage pasture and employees with us. If you are a farmer to raise cows, I hope such experience can help you.

Innovate management concepts and change management models

Cultivate professional teams and improve service capabilities. To achieve service functions, there must be a corresponding professional team, management system and service means. The composition of technical service personnel should include herd management, epidemic prevention, planning and design, proper operation to cow milking machine and data analysis. The main services include dairy cow breeding,  and health care, cattle farm evaluation, DHI data analysis, cattle farm construction, breeding problems, and dietary inspection technology.

Improve working system

1.Establish a system for research, statistics, analysis, and tracking of dairy farmers’ data to fully understand the production status of customers.

2.Adopt regular visits for customers, and establish a customer training system such as non-scheduled lectures and special technical training. 

3.Make full use of existing communication technologies, establish an information communication and dissemination network, achieving accurate services.

4.Increase training for employees so that they can master pasture’s cultural concepts, service skills and operating techniques. By doing this, they can actively serve all aspects of the dairy farming process to achieve a change in-service model.

In conclusion, if you want to start a business and run it well like this customer, you must know the above skills. Only by this way can you be successful!