What is the yogurt cup filling and sealing machine price?

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The yogurt filling machine is widely used for filling yogurt, juice, jelly, and other liquids. It is mainly a machine that fills the yogurt made by the yogurt production machine into a bottle or cup. The machine is accurate in filling and has a fast filling speed. Therefore, it gradually replaced manual filling. Since the yogurt filling sealing machine is not only suitable for filling yogurt, it has a wide range of applications in the food industry. What is the function of the yogurt filling machine? What is the yogurt cup filling and sealing machine price?

Yogurt filling machine application in yogurt production

Yogurt filling is the last step in yogurt production. The filled yogurt is not only convenient for transportation, but it also helps to extend the shelf life of the yogurt. With the commercialization of yogurt production, yogurt filling also gradually uses commercial yogurt filling machines for filling. The use of yogurt filling machines reduces the probability of manual contact with yogurt and reduces the production of bacteria. Moreover, the yogurt filling machine efficiency is greatly increased.

Yogurt packaging style

There are various yogurt packaging styles, and the yogurt container packaging is also diversified. However, in the yogurt market, glass bottles and ceramic bottles are the more commonly used packaging for yogurt. These two kinds of packaging can prevent the yogurt cup from being oxidized and deteriorated and can be reused. However, glass bottles and ceramics are heavy and inconvenient to transport. Therefore, the current packaging of yogurt is mainly based on plastic packaging, mainly including HDPE bottled yogurt, PS, PET bottles, and so on.

Yogurt packaging style
Yogurt Packaging Style

Types of yogurt filling machine

Taizy offers two kinds of yogurt filling machines. One is a rotary yogurt filling machine, and the other is a plastic (paper) cup filling and sealing machine. Rotary yogurt filling machine mainly uses a variety of stations to fill yogurt. The whole machine is completed by motor and pneumatic and has the functions of automatic cup feeding, sealing, and automatic cup discharge.

Rotary yogurt filling machine
Rotary Yogurt Filling Machine

Plastic (paper) cup filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling honey, brewing, medicine, and other liquids and pastes. The filling machine can realize automatic cup dropping, automatic filling, laminating, date printing, sealing, cutting, shaping, and conveying.

Yogurt cup filling sealing machine
Yogurt Cup Filling Sealing Machine

For the specific operations and functions of these two machines, please click on the yogurt filling machine for a detailed understanding.

What is the yogurt cup filling and sealing machine price?

Because Taizy provides two yogurt filling machines. And for each yogurt filling machine, has a variety of output to choose from. For example, for a rotary yogurt filling machine, its number of stations will also affect the yogurt filling machine price. Therefore, different customers have different filling needs, and the machine price is also different. As a yogurt production machines manufacturer, Taizy offers yogurt filling machines at very competitive prices.