Can we make yogurt with milk powder?

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Yogurt is a kind of food that both the elderly and children alike. There are also many people who want to work in the yogurt industry, but they have relatively little knowledge about the production process and knowledge of yogurt. Some people have also raised some questions. Can milk powder be used to make yogurt? What are the raw materials for making yogurt? Let’s have a chat together.

What are the raw materials for making yogurt?

Milk powder
Milk Powder

In fact, there is more than one raw material for making yogurt. Fresh milk can be used directly for processing and production. Of course, milk powder can also be used to make yogurt. This is also a good choice. Compared with fresh milk, it also has many advantages for manufacturers. For example, the raw materials are conducive to preservation, transportation is convenient, and the cost price is low. Therefore, many people choose to use milk powder as the raw material for making yogurt.

The nutrition of yogurt

Yogurt is a favorite food of many people, not only can meet the taste needs, but also can achieve a healthy diet. After the yogurt is fermented, the protein of milk is still retained, and the calcium content is not lost. Yogurt has a better calcium supplement effect than other calcium sources. Yogurt has a strong sense of fullness and is rich in nutrition. It contains both carbohydrates, fat, protein, and so many vitamins. It is not high in calories. So drinking a small cup before a meal can reduce your number of meals.


The process of making yogurt with milk powder

Commercial milk pasteurizer

The production process of yogurt can be summarized as ingredients, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, cooling, inoculation, (filling: for solidified yogurt), fermentation, cooling, (stirring: for stirring yogurt), packaging, and post-cooking There are several processes, one of the very important steps is to ensure a good sterilization effect. Pasteurization is common. The effect of pasteurization is very good, but the choice of pasteurization machine is also very important. This is the key to only making yogurt

Is homemade yogurt really safe?

Yogurt production factory
Yogurt Production Factory

Many people think that factory-produced yogurt may contain a lot of additives, and the production environment may not be guaranteed, so they want to make yogurt at home. However, you may not know that homemade yogurt also has food safety guarantees. Homemade yogurt requires fermentation, and fermentation requires the participation of microorganisms. Because there are a lot of bacteria in the environment, we must sterilize the raw milk and fermentation equipment before fermentation. However, you must know that there are microbes everywhere in our nature, and other pathogenic bacteria have been waiting for opportunities. If the container containing yogurt or milk is not disinfected or our hands are not cleaned before making yogurt, it may be mixed with another yogurt. Miscellaneous bacteria. The homemade yogurt made in this way is not only not healthier, but also poses a threat to health.

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