How to improve milk quality made by cow milking equipment?

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In the past, excessive publicity on dairy farming has caused excessive human labor and financial resources to enter the related industry, and production capacity has expanded rapidly. In the beginning, farmers were enthusiastic about cattle raising, and a large number of dairy cows were introduced, which also increases the purchase of cow milking equipment.

In the long run, there are too many cows, but the economic benefits are not good. Due to the overcapacity, they began to kill cattle.

Milking machinery
Cow Milking Machine

What’s the people’s awareness towards it?

At present, the elimination of backward production capacity has been gradually put on the agenda. The promulgation of the related policy has made people realize that the sustainable development must improve the industry access conditions. And non-qualified dairy companies cannot run smoothly for a long time. The dairy industry is going to be gradually on a path of healthy development.

So how to sustainably develop the dairy industry and improve the quality of raw milk?

Use good quality forage

Vigorously promote high-quality forages. In recent years, some dairy companies have promoted high-quality pastures, indicating that people have a deeper understanding of the importance of pastures. This is a good start. But it needs to be aware that cows that can eat pasture are very few in China. To make Chinese dairy cows generally eat high-quality forage, dairy companies must product high-quality forge as an important part of milk source construction.

People have reached a consensus that relies on the straw as the forge can not develop for a long time. The use of good forage such as alfalfa can nutritional needs of dairy cows. These plant-based protein feeds are much cheaper than soybean straw, significantly reducing dietary costs and increasing milk protein rates. In addition, the use of animal protein feed and non-protein nitrogen in dairy feed should be eliminated.

Combining environmental protection with dairy farming

The coordinated development of the dairy industry and high-quality forage is the advanced experience of developed countries. There is always a large area of forage grass around the dairy farm. On the one hand, the grass can provide cows with sufficient forage. On the other hand, the manure produced by the cow can be absorbed by cow, fully recycling the nutrients.

The latest foreign scientific research shows that feeding cows with high-quality forages rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as alfalfa can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as methane. This breeding method is more economical and environmentally friendly. In addition, people who raise cows need to properly use cow milking equipment, only in this way can you squeeze milk to the maximum extent.

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