How to make yogurt by milk powder?

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The quality of yogurt depends on what kind of milk you use. In the pasteurized milk processing line, we always use fresh milk from the cow. However, you also can use milk powder to make yoghurt.

How does milk powder make yogurt?

What about the ratio of milk powder and water?

The importance of the variety of milk powder

Different milk powders can produce yogurt with different taste. You can get the yoghurt with rich taste from full-fat milk powder, while yogurt made from skimmed milk powder has a fresh taste.

It should be noted that sweet milk powder contains a lot of white sugar, which dilutes the protein content. Thus, you need to add water to make the protein content reach the level of pure milk. The specific ratio can be determined according to the protein content.

If you choose the milk powder with high protein and fat content, the yogurt you make will be smooth and delicate. In other words, the quality of milk or milk powder can determine the taste of yogurt. Fermented yogurt should be maintained at about 40 degrees, and fermented for 8-12 hours. You also can use the heat preservation function of cooker, and then add 1 g of yogurt starter.

The ratio of milk powder and water

Usually, the milk powder and water are in accordance with 1: 5 or 1: 7, that is to say, 100 grams of milk powder is mixed into milk with 500 grams-700 grams of water. If you like thick yogurt, the ratio of yogurt to water is 1: 5. If you like the yoghurt with light taste, the ratio is 1: 7. Before making yogurt, you need to sterilize the yogurt making machine. You can use high temperature disinfection, such as heating it in a pot.

The special advantage of yoghurt

The owners who often drink yogurt must know that yogurt contains a lot of live probiotics, which can increase the intestinal beneficial flora balance.

Can the milk powder for infant be used to make yoghurt?

Infant milk powder has a lower protein content than ordinary milk powder, but its lactose content is much higher. If you add water as normal milk powder, you cannot make qualified yogurt. Because the lactose content is very high, the yogurt produced by it will be more acidic. So, it is not advisable to treat infant milk powder as the raw material.

The conclusion of this article

In summary, the yogurt made from whole milk powder has a rich taste. The ratios of water and milk powder should be proper, and it also can be make according to your need. Before making yogurt, you need to sterilize the yogurt maker. After cooling, add bacteria to ferment. It is not recommended to ferment with infant milk powder.

Pasteurized milk processing line is widely applied to produce medium or big size yogurt processing industries, and you can contact us to know more about this line if you are interested in it!