The strategy to buy yogurt

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Everyone knows that yogurt is good for our heath, in theory, compared to milk, yogurt is more advanced and is manufactured by professional yogurt processing line. Meanwhile,yogurt bears more calcium, protein, vitamin AD and vitamin B than milk. As we all know, there are many different kinds of yogurt listed in supermarket, how to choose it? Today i will list you some strategies as reference.

Yogurt with good taste

Firstly,let’s see the difference between milk and yogurt!

Milk VS yogurt

Easier absorption

Yoghurt is fermented with lactic acid bacteria, and about 20% of lactose and protein are broken down into small molecules, so yogurt is easier to absorb.

More efficient towards calcium supplementation

During fermentation, lactose becomes lactic acid, and peptides produced by proteolysis can promote calcium absorption. So in terms of calcium supplement, yogurt is also more efficient than milk.

Active bacteria are beneficial to the intestine

The active bacteria can help intestinal motility when making low-temperature yogurt, and it is able to improve gastrointestinal function, and prevent intestinal diseases. However, the normal temperature yogurt is heat-treated twice, and the active bacteria had been killed. But room temperature yogurt also has many nutrients needed by the human body.

Stomach does not swell up after drinking

Yogurt has high requirements for the quality of raw milk. Antibiotic milk cannot make yogurt, which means that only high-quality milk can be used for yogurt.

In general, a cup of 150g yogurt can meet 1/3 of the calcium required by a child under the age of 10 a day.

Yogurt strawberry

How to choose a good cup of yogurt?

pure yogurt VS flavored yogurt

The ingredients of pure yogurt are milk, sugar and fermentation bacteria, and flavor yogurt contains pectin, agar, gelatin, starch, whey protein powder, condensed milk, cream, juice, fruit granules, malt, miscellaneous cereals, etc. What you should know is that some additives are unnecessary. If you want to buy yoghurt for babies, you’d better choose pure yogurt.

Carbohydrates VS Sugar

As we all know, too much sugar intake will cause obesity, which is not only bad for teeth, but also affects the normal absorption of other nutrients. Normally, few manufacturers will not write sugar into the ingredients. But how to judge whether a cup of yogurt will cause us to exceed the sugar intake?

Drinking 300g of 10% carbohydrate yogurt is equivalent to consuming 20g of sugar.

The World Health Organization recommends that children consume no more than 25g of sugar a day. In addition to drinking yogurt, children also eat other sugary foods, such as fruits, biscuits etc. So don’t buy yogurt with more than 12% carbohydrates.

Protein must not be lower than 2.3%

Protein is also a point to consider. For normal yogurt, the protein content should be 2.3% to 2.6%. If it is lower than this, it is not recommended to buy

The more active bacteria, the better the yogurt will taste

When producing yogurt by yogurt processing line, operator must add proper lactic acid bacteria into yogurt to ferment. Such a operation can make the yogurt taste more delicious!

Until now, i think you have known the factors that can determine the quality of yogurt, that is, fresh raw milk, active bacteria. protein content and carbohydrates content. And i hope above suggestions can really help you when you plan to buy yogurt.

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Yogurt Made By Processing Line

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