What is the Greek yogurt manufacturing process?

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Greek yogurt is very thick and has a unique taste. There are many eating scenes of Greek yogurt, and it can be eaten directly with fruits and ice cream. It can also be eaten with black pepper, lemon juice, salad dressing, etc. Greek yogurt is very rich in protein and has a feeling of fullness. In particular, Greek yogurt is very edible for lactose intolerance. Therefore, Greek yogurt is also very popular all over the world. So what is the greek yogurt manufacturing process? What is the difference between it and ordinary yogurt?

What is Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt refers to a special type of yogurt. It is a product of highly concentrated milk. It uses a filter to filter out the lactic acid, lactose and lactose decomposition products to obtain yogurt. Greek yogurt is very thick and has a full-bodied taste, like cream and cheese.

Greek yogurt
Greek Yogurt

The origin of Greek yogurt

The history of Greek yogurt can be traced back to more than 2000 BC. According to records, Thracians living in northeastern Greece often graze with goat’s milk on their backs. Due to the high temperature of the external environment, goat milk often becomes sour and becomes scum. Even boiled milk will become sour, which is the origin of early yogurt. Today, yogurt also occupies a very important position in Greek life. Greeks like to use yogurt for cooking, grilling, dipping bread, desserts, etc.

Greek yogurt origin
Greek Yogurt Origin

The difference between ordinary yogurt and Greek yogurt

  • The concentration is different. Greek yogurt is made after the yogurt is concentrated. The density of Greek yogurt is higher than that of regular yogurt.
  • Different taste. The taste of Greek yogurt is rich and mellow. And because the whey is filtered out, Greek yogurt does not have the obvious sour taste like ordinary yogurt.
Greek yogurt vs ordinary yogurt
Greek Yogurt Vs Ordinary Yogurt
  • Different ways of eating. Because Greek yogurt is thicker, it is usually eaten with a straw or spoon. Ordinary yogurt is thinner, so it can be eaten directly or with a straw.
  • The production method is different. Ordinary yogurt is usually made from pure milk after sterilization and fermentation with a yogurt processing line. Greek yogurt can be made from yogurt or pure milk through fermentation and filtration.

What is the Greek yogurt manufacturing process?

You can use pure milk or yogurt made in any way to make Greek yogurt. The easiest step is to use ordinary yogurt to make Greek yogurt. Ordinary yogurt can be made by a yogurt production machine. The steps to make Greek yogurt with yogurt are very simple. You only need to prepare a filter cloth. Put the filter cloth on a container, pour the prepared ordinary yogurt on the filter cloth and cover it with a layer of plastic wrap. Then put it in the refrigerator for 3~4 hours.