What is the role of milk double filter in the dairy processing line?

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Milk double filter is very important in dairy processing line, since it can filter the impurities inside the raw milk such as cowhair in order to improve the quality of yoghurt.

The structure of duplex filter

Duplex filter is also called parallel switching filter, and it consists of two cylinders welded with stainless steel. What’s more, its internal and external surfaces are polished well. It is equipped with a vent valve on the top, which can be used to deflate.

The inside drum has a stainless steel filter screen and a support frame that can filter out particles with size of 1 μ or more. The upper cover is connected to the filter drum for easy cleaning and replacement. Three adjustable feet enables the filter on the ground steadily. Beside, it is pressure and temperature resistance and flexible

Duplex filter
Double Filter In Yogurt Processing Line

The application of duplex filter

Duplex filter not only is applied to yogurt processing line, but to other fields.

1. Weakly corrosive materials in chemical and petrochemical production

2.Low temperature materials in refrigeration.

3. light industrial food such as: beer, beverages, dairy products, etc.

What should you noted when using duplex filter?

Duplex filter
Duplex Filter In Yogurt Processing Line

1. When filtering, pay attention to the pressure gauge index. Because the dual filter has two pressure gauges including coarse filtration pressure gauge and precision filtration pressure gauge.

2. Maintenance and cleaning. After the duplex filter has been operating for a long time, there will be a lot of debris on the inside and outside of the cylinder, especially the inside of the connecting pipe. So, it needs to be cleaned in time.

3. The control of valve. When using a dual filter to filter fluid, the entire filter does not work together, but a single filter operates firstly.

In conclusion, double filter is indispensable in the dairy processing line, and you must buy such a equipment if you have plan to process yogurt by processional machines.

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