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The importance of diets for dairy cows

The diet is the sum of the nutritional intake of dairy cows throughout the day. Farmers should not only focus on buying small milking machine for goats, but also …

How to improve the production capacity of cow?

When using our portable milking machines for cows, a lot of customers reflect that the production capacity of the cow is very low. It is not the problem of our cow milking machine itself, but the type of cow. How to improve the production capacity of cow? I will give you some suggestions.

The problem of milking machines for cows in Kenya

Kenya is a largely agricultural country, but its animal husbandry is developed. Milking machines for cows in Kenya is badly needed. Unfortunately, there are many problems existing in the cow milking system.

The developing trend of cow milking machine

Historically, the Chinese have no tradition of dairy cow breeding, and the cow milking machine manufacturer has a long history in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.