Yogurt production business

How about the yogurt production business

Yogurt is loved by consumers and has become one of the most frequently consumed foods. so it is a good opportunity to start a yogurt production business .and yogurt is an ideal health drink, and it is more nutritious than milk. It can help digestion, increase appetite, It has a therapeutic effect on chronic patients with mild diarrhea. Therefore, yogurt is a flavored food with both diet and health care. Developing the brewed yogurt production business requires less investment and more profits.

Plate sterilizer

Plate Sterilizer|Milk Sterilizer Machine

The plate-type sterilizer is a kind of equipment that can sterilize yogurt. It is widely used at present. It uses steam without contact exchange to make the yogurt reach the sterilization temperature in a short time. This unique sterilization method is suitable for yogurt. Sterilization of milk, juice, and other fluids

Yogurt produced by dairy processing line

The nutritional value of pasteurized yogurt

Pasteurized yogurt processed by yogurt processing plant has much nutritional value, what are they in details? I will list some of them for you. Supplement daily calcium Pasteurized yogurt contains vitamin …