The nutritional value of pasteurized yogurt

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Pasteurized yogurt processed by yogurt processing plant has much nutritional value, what are they in details? I will list some of them for you.

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Supplement daily calcium

Pasteurized yogurt contains vitamin D and calcium, which play a good role in promoting calcium supplementation. Drinking yogurt can supplement the daily calcium loss.

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Pasteurized Yogurt

Protects the intestine

Pasteurized yogurt can produce antibacterial substances to maintain the ecological balance of the intestinal flora. It forms a biological barrier to inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria to the intestine. Meanwhile, it avoids the reproduction of spoilage bacteria in the intestine, thereby fully protecting the intestine.

Strengthen digestion

Pasteurized yogurt can promote gastric secretion, increase appetite, and strengthen digestion.

Helps absorb

Pasteurized yogurt can break down lactose and protein in milk, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb.

Improve immunity

Lactic acid bacteria can not only protect the intestinal tract, but also produce some substances that enhance immune function, preventing the occurrence of diseases.

Reduce cholesterol

Pasteurized yogurt has a cholesterol-lowering effect, which is especially suitable for people with high blood lipids.

Help to lose weight

Pasteurized yogurt can not only promote intestinal peristalsis but also promote the growth of bacteria in the body. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of constipation in the body. It promotes digestion, facilitates bowel movements, achieving weight loss.

Regulation of intestinal beneficial flora

 The intestinal flora of people who have taken or injected a large number of antibiotics for the treatment of disease or prevention of infection has greatly changed. Some beneficial intestinal bacteria have been suppressed or kill as well, causing the imbalance of flora. Patients with acute or chronic illnesses have the same situation. Yogurt contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria. Drinking 0.25 to 0.5 kg per day can maintain the normal intestinal flora balance and adjust the beneficial bacteria to normal levels. Therefore, those who are recovering from a serious illness can drink more yogurt, which has other irreplaceable effects on body recovery.

Yogurt processing plant can produce high quality pasteurized yogurt that is favored by the public, for it meet the demand of heath lifestyle. That’s why yogurt processing manufacturers are growing year by year.