The analysis of dairy processing line

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Yogurt made by professional dairy processing line is equipped with unique flavor and rich nutrition, and it is fermented by lactic acid bacteria. What’s more, yoghurt is rich in vitamins and minerals, and can promote the body’s absorption of protein, providing appropriate calcium. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and health awareness, yogurt, as a food with health functions, has been favored by consumers.

Development status of yogurt industry

The yogurt industry has experienced rapid and profound changes, and it can be reflected not only in yogurt brands, but the dairy processing line.

Room temperature yogurt only has 10 years a history in China and is still in the development stage. Although the growth rate has slowed down significantly in recent years, there is still room for development. From 2011 to 2018, China’s room temperature yogurt market sales increased from 1.5 billion yuan to 31.1 billion yuan, and the market growth rate in 2018 was 11.9%. The advent of normal temperature yogurt has expanded consumers’ horizons, which allows customers to choose more suitable products as needed. Therefore, room temperature yogurt will definitely exist for a long time and occupy market share among dairy products. In some developed countries, room temperature yogurt plays an important role as well.

With the introduction of normal-temperature yogurt, low-temperature yogurt is coming in mature first-tier cities. The proportion of low-temperature yogurt in liquid milk accounts for more than 30%. In 2018, the sales of low-temperature yogurt market reached 37.8 billion yuan, increasing by 10.9%. It is estimated that the market sales in 2020 will reach 50.8 billion yuan.

Analysis of the market structure of dairy processing line industries

It is estimated that the profit rate of yogurt in the domestic market is about 40%, which is twice that of ordinary milk. The high profit and huge development potential of the yogurt market has become the competition  focus for dairy companies. Some large enterprises have accelerated their market layout and expanded their markets.

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