The developing trend of cow milking machine

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Historically, the Chinese have no tradition of dairy cow breeding, and the cow milking machine manufacturer has a long history in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Even if their farmers do not have formal training, home education can totally teach them basic farming techniques. This technological gap between developed countries and us is huge. Meanwhile, it is difficult for our average technological level to catch up with developed countries in a short period of time.

Gaost milking machine
Cow Milking Machine

Challenges we face in the cow milking machine industry

Due to the development of globalization, China’s dairy industry has become a booming industry. How China’s dairy industry takes a place in international competition is a major challenge we face. We not only should reduce the labor cost when milking, but also need to catch up with or exceed the international level as soon as possible in terms of management and production efficiency.

What are the requirements during milking?

The milking process requires a certain time interval between scrubbing the nipples and the cup set so that the cow’s pituitary oxytocin is fully secreted. By doing this, you can fully milk with a short time. Artificial cups often fail to meet this requirement. A lot of cow milking machine manufacturer is aiming to produce machine with high quality.

Due to a lack of technical talents or managerial awareness, most dairy farm staff currently do not effectively use cow milking machine.

Development trend of goat Milking Machine Industry

Since China is still a developing country and the labor cost is relatively low, the development of traditional goat milking machine into robots has yet to undergo a process. However, in traditional milking machines, desktop milking machines have gradually replaced stationary milking machines, especially in large ranches. The main driving force is the need to reduce labor costs. This is a very important product in the transition from traditional milking machines to robots.

Another trend in the development of the milking machine industry is remoteness. 24 hours real-time remote monitoring of milking machines through automatic sensors and Internet. It can analyze the report in time and solve the problem before causing actual losses to the user.

A specific example is the ISR remote service. What ISR can do now is to monitor the pulsator and vacuum of the milking machine. These two factors are the most important parameters of the cow milking machine, which can determine the quality of the milk.