What’s the application of pasteurizer?

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In the dairy processing line, the pasteurizer is one of the equipment for us to get fresh yogurt. Is pasteurizer only suitable for the yogurt production line? No, it has a wide application.

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yogurt production line

The application of pasteurizer

The temperature of the pasteurization can be automatically adjusted within 98C. The pasteurizer is to heat the raw materials to the appropriate temperature or put the raw materials into the water at the proper temperature for a certain time to achieve the purpose of sterilization. In addition to widely applying to the dairy processing line, it is also suitable for soybean products, low-temperature meat products, pickled foods, blanching of fruits and vegetables or pre-cooking of fresh, etc.

Working principle of pasteurization machine

In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, some packaged products are required to be bathed in water. When placing them on a stainless steel mesh belt with adjustable speed, they enter the sterilization box in sequence under the force of a conveyor belt. After sterilizing by high-temperature water as a medium, it is transported into the cooling box. The pasteurizer runs continuously, and the sterilized products are sent to the next production process later.

Advantages of pasteurizer

1. The pasteurizer uses water as the sterilization medium, which is divided into two parts including sterilization and cooling. There is a thermal insulation layer, which is insulated on three sides of the hot water tank, and the temperature rises quickly. It is clean and hygienic for the dairy processing line.

2. It is equipped with a circulating water pump, automatic temperature control device, which is safe and reliable.

3. It has a frequency conversion motor and frequency conversion speed regulation.

4. The heat source is boiler steam, and the angle seat valve control can save steam. 5. The heating speed is fast, and it is especially suitable for continuous sterilization.

Why choose Taizy pasteurizer?

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the width can be customized according to your need.

2. The mesh belt track increases the service life of the chain, reduce the friction and the load of the transmission motor.

3. There are a cover and an exhaust port on the machine, meeting food safety requirements.

4. Stable transportation, adjustable speed, simple structure, and easy maintenance.

5. Low energy consumption and low cost.

6. It is convenient for cleaning and drainage.